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:: Longhorn Revealed 8 :: VS for Win 8/8.1

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"Longhorn Revealed 8" for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update 1

First time Released one and only a Longhorn theme for Windows 8/8.1 called "Longhorn Revealed 8".:)

"Longhorn Revealed 8" & "Longhorn Revealed 8 Basic" Multicolor Visual Style for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update 1 (X86)32 bit & (X64)64 bit Systems.:D
Try It Now......:)

P.S. FINAL RELEASE : Fixed the start menu and explorer bug. now you can use Internet Explorer and "StartIsBack" very well.
also, fixed the titlebar text & jumplist bug for Windows 8.1 users.

Important :
Windows 8 users : Use "AGTweaker" for glass window border. after apply "AGTweaker" apply "Longhorn Revealed 8" theme. otherwise use "Longhorn Revealed 8 Basic" theme.
and for the start menu use Stardock "Start8" OR "StartIsBack" whatever you like.

Windows 8.1 users : Use "Classic Shell" for the better start menu experience.
and for the Multicolor Previewpane use "OldNewExplorer".


Visual Style Name: Longhorn Revealed 8
Author: sagorpirbd
Release Date: 11 July 2013
Final Release Date: 31 August 2013
Website: [Link]


Including This Pack :

--> Visual Styles/Themes.
--> Start ORB Image.
--> shell32.dll for Multicolor Top shell (32 bit & 64 bit build 9200 only).
--> OldNewExplorer32.dll for Multicolor Top shell (32 bit build 9600).
--> OldNewExplorer64.dll for Multicolor Top shell (64 bit build 9600).
--> Wallpaper.
--> Read Me.


:windows:How to use the Style :windows:

:pointr: First you need a theme patch to apply third party Theme Styles.

For Windows 8 : Use "Ultra UX Theme Patcher" :-->> [Link]

For Windows 8.1 : Use "uxstyle Theme Patcher" :-->  [Link]

Now Go to Desktop Personalize & apply "Longhorn Revealed 8" or "Longhorn Revealed 8 Basic" theme.

Enjoy. :)


:windows:Requirements :windows:
:pointr: Windows 8/8.1 (X86) 32 bit & Windows 8/8.1 (X64) 64 bit .
:pointr: Aero Compatible PC.

Good Luck.  ;)


:bulletblue: :bulletblue: Improvement's :bulletblue::bulletblue:

:new: More Elegant Look.
:new: Full Support MultiColor Shellstyle.
:new: Improve Aero Pick View.
:new: Improve Explorer View.
:new: Improve Minimum, Maximum, Close Buttons.
:new: Improve Re-Design Start Menu.
:new: Perfect Combine and Non-Combine Taskbar.
:new: Perfect Taskbar Buttons Position.
:new: Basic Version added.
---------------------------- And Many Other Changes. :)


For Windows 8/8.1/8.1 Update 1 (X86)32 bit & (X64)64 bit :

"Multicolor Previewpane" for Windows 8/8.1 :-->> [Link]

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For Windows 7 :

"Longhorn Revealed" theme for Windows 7 :-->> [Link]

"Longhorn PowerPlus" theme for Windows 7 :-->> [Link]

"Longhorn Mod" for Windows 7 :-->> [Link]


Comments are Most Welcome!

If You Really Like It , please Give it a :+fav: it Sure Means a Lot..............:handshake:

Please, Post your bugs, suggestions and opinions here or Send Me Note.

Don't Release/Distribute Modified Versions of This Theme or Any Resources Without My Written Permission.

© Copyright: sagorpirbd 2013-2014.

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MatthewTaehyung83197's avatar
I love this theme, I like Longhorn 
mohsinleo05's avatar
i Have been your work's fan for year. Windows 10 s now more fun with your theme. Awesome WORK man! :) (Smile) 
sagorpirbd's avatar
You are welcome, thank you. Handshake

how i can install areo glass
sagorpirbd's avatar
Go here and read the instructions carefully : [Link]
kwanteq's avatar
How did you get a work around for the Shell32.dll file because it is a signed file. I tried to replace it with my own custom file before and windows would not start (Black screen)
sagorpirbd's avatar
If you using "Windows 8.1 Build 9600" then no need to replace Shell32.dll. just use "Oldnewexplorer" which is risk free and never crash your system!
Artur89SD's avatar
Hi. Nice shellpanes.
Did you know that you can add the UIFILES in your shellstyle.dll instead of modifying oldnewexplorer.dll?
I've done that with your theme on Windows 8.1 and it Works very well, except for the gameux and DeviceCenter.
If you want, I can send you the modified files and some instructions.
This way, you can switch the layouts just by applying themes.
sagorpirbd's avatar
Thanks man. :)
already try your UIFILES on Windows 8 build 9200 and works fine but nothing happen on Windows 8.1 build 9600. :( did you upgrade your UIFILES for Windows 8.1 ?
Artur89SD's avatar
Hi.It's me again.
I just tried the old uifiles on DeviceCenter and that Works just fine.
I had a problem to take ownership of the dll. Maybe that is your problem. I had to manualy change ownership and permissions.
I'm running Windows 8.1 x64 build 9600 with all updates ever released
I've changed both, system32 and syswow64 DeviceCenter.dll
Also i've made a little mod to your shellstyle because DeviceCenter background code are pointing to a unexistent state (state 10) of the background image. I changed it for state 3 just for testing purposes.
sagorpirbd's avatar
On Windows 8.1 build 9600 your UIFILES works fine for  DeviceCenter.dll &  gameux.dll. :)
and you found them in this pack : [Link]
but shell32.dll not working (Win 8.1 build 9600) ; works fins Win 8 build 9200. no idea why! :(
also, please tell me what happen after testing DeviceCenter ?
Artur89SD's avatar
Sadly I got a system crash :(
Also i saw a DigitalSignature tab on shell32.dll file properties, so i think Windows 8.1 introduced some kind of hash checking on boot.
But the good part is we still have OldNewExplorer. With the method i first mentioned, it's possible to get all the shellpanes working. including HomeGroup for example.
sagorpirbd's avatar
If DeviceCenter.dll &  gameux.dll working then i think other .dll's like HomeGroup/appwiz/fontext working too but why shell32.dll on Windows 8.1 not working when works fine Windows 8 build 9200 ?
try several times but every time the system are crash.
i think the problem is Win 8.1 DigitalSignature. if you manage the DigitalSignature then may be your UIFILES works.
also, only 7 shellpanes working on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 both. do you noticed it ?
Artur89SD's avatar
The other dll's are not system critical (homegroup are on shell32.dll)
Unfortunately i don't have the skills to reassign the shell32.dll. I know that this can be done in the same way it was done on "Windows 7 Boot Updater" (this tool is used to edit Windows boot animation and reassign Winlogon.exe, so the system do not crash), but i have no idea on how to do that.
About the 7 shellpanes. This… is a real screenshot of windows 8 build 9200 with 11 shellpanes plus Open and Save Dialog (without a shellpane but with diferente folderband)
I've done the same on Windows 8.1 build 9600, by editing the additional dll's and embedding the shell32.dll UIFILES on the shellstyle.dll (OldNewExplorer needed to load the shell32.dll UIFILES from shellstyle.dll into memory)
sagorpirbd's avatar
But the problem is if i added 11 shellpanes then font/Programs and Features folderband color are load different.
your CommandModule and PreviewPane image size are 20x55 but when the image size bigger (300x500) then the font/Programs and Features folderband load different color. 9 others are load fine.
do you know why ???
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Artur89SD's avatar

Hi. Please let me know if is the folderband, the previewpane or both that is not working. Because I think it's my bad.
I completely forgot to include the 12.txt in the "MCTS for windows 8".
12.txt is the file from where the original folderband was removed by me to enable individual styling.
I removed the folderband code from 12.txt and past it in all relevant UIFILES from shell32 so I can add new layers to it, and to point to a different stylesheet to finaly enable multicolor folderband on windows7. This was done on Windows7 days (a long time ago) and I wasn't remembering the relevant files to include in the pack.
In fact. DIRECTUIXMLs are a lot like HTML and CSS. The structure and some styling was defined in the shell32.dll and some other system DLLs, and the CSS function belongs to shellstyle.dll>UIFILES>1.txt.
If the problem was the folderband, try removing this code from 12.txt

<Element layoutpos="Top" layout="filllayout()" sheet="folderbandstyle" animation="rectanglev|s|fast">
<TemplateBackground id="atom(BackLayer)"/>
<TemplateBackground id="atom(FolderBandShineLayer)"/>
<FolderBandModule ModuleID="FolderBandModule"/>

DeviceCenter and gameux was working because it already had individual folderband in the original system files.

Artur89SD's avatar
DeviceCenter, gameux, appwiz and fontext all working.
shell32 not tested, but i realy dont see how this can be that importante, as OldNewExplorer can load the uifiles without touching the shell32.
OldNewExplorer is also compatible with UAC, as you will not get any additional warnings on file operations.
I can try to get this working on shell32 also, but i don't see the point on doing so.
Artur89SD's avatar
No. I just used OldNewExplorer with the old ones embedded on your shellstyle.dll.
Never tried the extra shellpanes on windows 8.1
I will try this now and will give you feedback.
andyblessing's avatar
some body give full detailed installation of this theme pls...
oldnewexplorer folder is two, and which of them to copy to system32...????
am using Win 8.1 64bit..
sagorpirbd's avatar
This is some system files not a theme. ;) theme of the preview found here : [Link]

if you using Windows 8.1 build 9600 64bit then go to the folder "For Windows 8.1 Build 9600"!
andyblessing's avatar
but i want the instruction for getting this theme set, the instruction given below is too complicated and i want u to help me...
the oldnewexplorer has two folders that's bottom and top shell, and i want to know where to put those folders...
sagorpirbd's avatar
First download "oldnewexplorer" : --> [Link]  and unzip it. now copy the "oldnewexplorer" folder to your : C:\Windows\System32 folder
now install it. now take ownership the OldNewExplorer64.dll file which you saw that OldNewExplorer folder. now Rename it OldNewExplorer64.dll.old
now if you want top multicolor preview pane then go to my : For Windows 8.1 Build 9600\Multicolor Top Shell\For Old New Explorer\64 Bit folder and copy the "OldNewExplorer64.dll" file to : C:\Windows\System32\OldNewExplorer folder.
now log off and log in.
that's it.
andyblessing's avatar
Ive followed the procedure you gave but still not working. Am I making any mistake...???
this is how i went about it;

I downloaded the oldnewexplorer and unzip it but there is no folder after unzipping it.
it contains:

OldNewExplorerCfg and a txt file

I move the three OldNewExplorer files to C:\Windows\System32 folder and installed the ...Cfg

But there was no OldNewExplorer folder after Unzipping but only files, so I created one in the ...system32 folder

I took ownership of the OldNewExplorer64.dll  in the ...system32 folder and rename it to OldNewExplorer64.dll.old as you explained it.

I went ahead to Windows 8.1 Build 9600\Multicolor Top Shell\For Old New Explorer\64 Bit folder and copy the "OldNewExplorer64.dll" file to : C:\Windows\System32\OldNewExplorer folder.

Restarted but nothing different...
Did I followed the right path..????

sorry for disturbing please for i am new...
Thanks a lot...
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