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Dark Leopard for Win 7 FINAL

:new: :new: :new: :new: :new: :new: :new:

"Dark Leopard" for Windows 7.

First Time Released "Dark Leopard", "Dark Leopard Glass" & "Dark Leopard Basic" Visual Style for Windows 7 (X86) 32 bit & (X64) 64 bit Systems
With Windows 7 Build 7600 & 7601 SP1 Support.

P.S. Fixed All Possible Bugs try it now...... :D


Visual Style Name: "Dark Leopard".
Author: sagorpirbd.
Release Date: 23 May 2010.
Final Release Date: 30 December 2010.
Website: [Link]


Including This Pack :

:pointr: Visual Styles/Themes. (Normal, Glass & Basic).
:pointr: ExplorerFrame.dll for 32Bit & 64Bit.
:pointr: Welcome Center for 32Bit & 64Bit.
:pointr: shell32.dll for 32Bit & 64Bit.
:pointr: Start ORB Image OR Download Explorer : [Link]
:pointr: Wallpaper.
:pointr: Read Me.


:windows: How to use the Style :windows:

:pointr: First you need a universal theme patch to apply third party Styles.

Universal theme patch found here :-->> [Link]

:pointr: Now Unzip & Copy "Dark Leopard" to : C:l Windows:l Resources:l Themes folder.

Now Go to Desktop Personalize & apply "Dark Leopard", "Dark Leopard Basic" or "Dark Leopard Glass" theme.

:windows: Requirements :windows:
:pointr: Windows 7 (X86) 32 bit & Windows 7 (X64) 64 bit .
:pointr: Aero Compatible PC.

Good Luck. ;)


To Move Your Max/Min/Close Buttons Leftside Like Mac Then Use This Portable Software Name "LEFTSIDER" :-->> [Link]


:bulletblue: :bulletblue: Improvment's :bulletblue::bulletblue:

:new: Improve Start Menu.
:new: Perfect Titlebar hight & Position.
:new: Improve Shellstyle.
:new: Perfect Aero Peek View.
:new: Basic Mood Added.
:new: Perfect Taskbar Hight ( Small & Big).
:new: Perfect Combine & Non-Combine Taskbar.
:new: Perfect Taskbar Button Position.
:new: Perfect Window shadow Like Mac. :D
:new: Glass Mood Added.
:new: Glass Jumplist Added.
:new: Perfect Statusbar View Like Mac.
:new: Improve & New Scroolbar.
:new: Improve Progressbar.
:new: Improve Maximum,Minimum,Close Buttons Like Mac. :D
:new: Improve Favourite Link Color & Text.
:new: Remove Window Border (Left & Right). :D

------------------------And Many Other Improvements. :)


:new: :new: :new:
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"Windows 10" themes for Windows 7 :-->> [Link]

:new: :new: :new:
"Refresh" themes for Windows 7 :-->> [Link]


Comments are Most Welcome!

If You Really Like It , please Give it a :+fav: it Sure Means a Lot..............:handshake:

Please, Post your bugs, suggestions and opinions here or Send Me Note.

Don't Release/Distribute Modified Versions of This Theme or Any Resources Without My Written Permission.

© Copyright: sagorpirbd 2010-2011.

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Brilliant theme thanks

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:star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Hello reckam here making a critique of your work if this is late dont judge me....It is a nice theme but i gave the orignality a 4 star because Leopard is purely by apple it is a great theme and your effort you put into it is awesome.....Overall a great theme but it is not original by you the original is by apple so dont blame me if i put the originality down now to its quality...Quality is at its best and you dont need to worry about other stuff....(LOL im a bad critique!i dont have anymore words LOL! 123)

I found the universal theme patcher and the explorer.

I looked many times but can't find the DARK LEOPARD file that needs to be extracted, have you removed it or where can I find it?

I hope you can please respond as I know this is now old.


I did not know that clicking on the download button under the image would download the theme, i thought it would download the image. I thought deviantart was about images.

Im sorted, i found it!

do you have the theme of xp and 7 for version 1709, build 16299 of windows 10 ???

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Well can you list all the extras you use in the screenshot? Thanks!
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Extras :

For the desktop icons using "Avedesk".

For the taskbar text using "finderbar".

For the dock using "RK Launcher".

To Move the Max/Min/Close Buttons Left side Like Mac, using Portable Software Name "LEFTSIDER"......
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I need help!!!!!!!! After patching I still can't install the theme.. But why? My OS - Windows 7 Ultimate service pack 1
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Complete Instruction :
If you using Windows 7 build 7601 SP1 then first patch your system with this "Universal Theme Patcher" --> [Link]
And Restart your PC.
now download my file and unzip it. there is a theme folder you found, go inside that theme folder & copy all items to : c:\windows\resources\themes folder.
Now Go to Desktop Personalize & apply the theme.
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Installed Dark Leopard  yesterday on Windows 8. First sight of my screen made me speechless. Never saw anything like this before!
It even changed my mood: With four clicks you  can change to blue bg only. It really cooled me down!

Does a version for Windows 7 exist, too? If not, PLEASE...

C'est merveilleus!
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OR if you using Windows 7 then you can try here :D --> [Link]
sagorpirbd's avatar
Thanks for the comments. actually this theme based on Mac style so i can change it. ;)
if you like then you can try something different from here --> [Link]

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Would like to ask how to get the finder bar at the top?
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Download "finderbar" :-->> [Link]
thx alot man your amazing
sagorpirbd's avatar
You are welcome. :)
more 7 themes found here : [Link]
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is the best song of all you're good Clap 
sagorpirbd's avatar
You are welcome. :D (Big Grin)
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Liking your theme, good work! Having some problems getting theme to look like screenshot.
Any help would be appreciated. I have managed to use the universal patch and copy leopard dark folder
to C:l Windows:l Resources:l Themes folder and then Go to Desktop Personalize & apply "Leopard Dark", "Leopard Dark Basic" or "Leopard Dark Glass" theme. All is well up to this point. When i try to rename explorer after taking ownership i get error 'File Access Denied' 'You require permission from TrustedInstaller to make changes to this file'. From what i understand i need to replace explorer, ExplorerFrame.dll, shell32.dll, OobeFldr.dll with files provided in download, Is this correct? My back and forward buttons are not the same as screenshot (Still windows) in explorer,Icons aren't like screenshot.Surely i must be missing something? Would it be possible to get instructions to make theme exactly like screenshot? Thanking you for your work
Edit: I managed to edit and take ownership of files, copied your files to folders in instructions. All went well till i rebooted.
After reboot i got error message saying shell32.dll file was missing. Then got a black screen and couldn't do nothing. I had to boot in safe mode and do system restore. Not to sure what else i can do? Its a really good theme but i just can't get it happening!
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