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OVEC Aear Kano


OVEC Aear Káno

Name: OVEC Aear Káno
Name Origin: Elvish for "Sea Commander"
Translation: Aear (eye-are) Káno (Q, kah-no)
Nickname: Káno
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Trakehner

Great Britain/GBR
Height: 17 h
Color: Bay
Genotype: EE/AA
Sire x Dam: OVEC Athan Ambar x SCS Alegrita

General Information

Owner: Robert Moore
Rider: Aimèe Durand
Stable: Ocean View Equestrian Center
Registered With: #H-E-W-A, #Trakehner-Foundation
Show Jumping

HARPG Career:
*Kalesta's MMS Mini Events - Show Jumping; Entry - 16th
Currently Competing In:
#HARPG-Studbook's Keuring Event: Conformation - Movement
*abosz007's Hungaria Event - Show Jumping, Entry



Stud Service
Open, Note me
For Lease


Theme song: Moves like Jagger - Maroon 5

Breeding Application

Please fill out this application and send it to me in a note.

Mare Name:


Proof of Drawings:
Past Offspring:

Breeding List

  • N/A

Breeding Rules

Ocean View Equestrian Center has deemed it needed to come up with a set of specified requirements and rules for possible breedings to Aear Káno. If, within your request, your mare fits the requirements and you can abide by the rules, Ocean View will gladly accept the breeding.


  • Mares must be currently competing in one of the following disciplines; Show Jumping, Three Day Event or Dressage

  • Mares must be registered with either #H-E-W-A or #H-S-W-A

  • Mares must have been drawn more than twice to prove that the farm is active.

  • Mares must be at least five years of age to be considered.


  • Any pure trakehner foal must have their name begin with the first letter of the dam's name. (ie. Mare's name: ATLANTA IX, foal could be Armando, Airforce, etc)

  • All foals must be registered with either #H-E-W-A or #H-S-W-A once they reach the age of three.

  • Foals will not inherit exact markings and those who are almost identical to him will be asked to re-design.

  • Ocean View Equestrian Center has the right to demand a re-design if the designed foal is not appropriate or realistic to the breeding. Genetics must be listed in their information.

  • Foals born from a breeding to OVEC Aear Káno may not be used in competitions such as racing and western events.
    Acceptable disciplines include the following; Show Jumping, Dressage, Three Day Eventing, Driving, Performance (In-hand and ridden, also including any conformation tests)

  • Ocean View Equestrian Center frowns upon twin births, as they are very dangerous to both the dam and the foal(s). In most circumstances, OVEC will ask that, upon early inspections, one of the eggs be destroyed to prevent complications. Special circumstances are rare and will be discussed in notes. If both foals are lost in a breeding, a farm may have a second breeding to Aear Káno without a second payment (breeding picture).

  • Ocean View Equestrian Center does not permit points to be used for breedings; a breeding picture is required, even if a farm chooses AI breeding.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

H-I-E-F Credit Points


Points Total: 0 cp
Current Level: --
Shows: 0 cp

H-E-W-A Credit Points


HArpg Pedigree: 1.5 cp
OVEC Athan Ambar x SCS Alegrita - 1 cp + 0.5

Show Pictures: 4.5 cp

#HARPG-Studbook's Keuring Event: Conformation - Movement - 1.5 cp
*Kalesta's MMS Mini Events - Show Jumping; Entry - 1.5 cp
*abosz007's Hungaria Event - Show Jumping, Entry - 1.5 cp

Other Pictures: 1 cp
The Clinic (Training) - 0.5 cp
Over Trotting poles (Training) - 0,5

Final CP Score: 7 CP

OVEC and Aear Káno belong to =SageSinRiddle
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DatNachtmaehre's avatar
What a beautiful stallion. The color is just great.

Sad that I can't register my mare in H-E-W-A or H-S-W-A.
NativeHorseStables's avatar
he's absolutely stunning :love:
Jullelin's avatar
He is one beautiful boy :aww:
SilverAer's avatar
He's gorgeous.
SageSinRiddle's avatar
MissDudette's avatar
A very handsome bay. ^^
SageSinRiddle's avatar
MissDudette's avatar
Zephyrra's avatar
Wow, he's absolutely gorgeous!
Ixtiramm's avatar
What a stunner! I really admire how you do the coat, you manage to use a lot of colours to give it a very realistic hue - well done :aww:
SageSinRiddle's avatar
Hehe thank you. Bays are difficult ^^;
Ixtiramm's avatar
Yeah, but they are also very gorgeous :D I should get better at adding more colours to the coat, actually :p
SaintTheSinner's avatar
He's really beautiful... And looks amazing in your style <3
SageSinRiddle's avatar
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