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At the Beach

Sorry for the background... have never attempted waves before.
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You have lovely colours here, and the horse seems very lively and pretty!
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Wow I love it! God work!!
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The background is great! :heart: Looks awesome! I love the blur effect on this. And the mare looks so sweet.
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How lovely to see this picture :aww:
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I think you did awesome on the background, even though you have never done waves! I just came back from the beach today haha, that's a lil odd. :)
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i love the background, realy makes the horse and rider stand out
oakhollowd's avatar
OMG, it's so pretty and summery :heart: this has to be one of my all-time fave pieces of yours.
I think it's OK that the background's got that out of focus blur thing going on. You focus on the horse and rider more, it's nice.
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the waves (from what I can tell) look very good! it's such a challenge to draw waves actually crashing on the beach... :doh:
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I think that there shouldn't be any blue after that front line of white maybe. Not sure though
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hmmm i think you're right about that. usually there's some foam at the very edge, and then some darker sand where it's wet.
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yea I had the darker sand but dA killed the quality XD
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One word... B-e-a-utiful!!! The details are spectacular! The pose (horse and rider) superb!! I love the background as well, looks like a photograph almost!!! :D
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OH MY GOODNESS! this is AMAZING! :faint:
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Oh, my, a lovely background that is!
Imprisoned-Acres's avatar
I love the waves, and I love the contrast colors between the horse's coat, and the water. Great job!:D
xXMesmerizedXx's avatar
the whole thing looks great!
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the waves look great :3
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Don't worry, your waves look great :D This is a beautiful scene, awesome job!
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The waves look fine, really well done infact <3
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thats ur icon :3
SageSinRiddle's avatar
Lol yea, I know XD
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