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Anticipation.4 WIP

Breed not decided yet, leaning towards Trakehner but suggestions are welcome. I'm loading him on here until I get my other account working again.
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It's really nice to see some art from you again, deary ^^
Gorgeous so far ^^
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See, beautiful! Awesome to see you getting back into the swing of things, I missed your art :( Seeing beautiful warmbloods is making me want to draw Nathron's colt again...
SageSinRiddle's avatar
haha. It's funny. His offspring have so many drawings than he himself XD

This horse will be used solely on my other account. I don't think I'm gunna keep this one going once I finish this drawing. It's more of a "I'm back" kinda thing, if that makes sense haha.

And I do believe he'll be a Selle Francais
saregona's avatar
Haha, I don't draw Digit anywhere near as often as I'd like...

Oh? What's your other account? In case I don't already have it watched.

Ooooh, Selle Francais suits! He looks like one :D
SageSinRiddle's avatar
haha. I've done so much traditional because of my courses that it's seeping into my digital stuff, I think. I'm a big fan of your works XD

and it's ~Innovative-Designz
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Hahaha, maybe you should upload some traditional if you can? Aww, really? Thanks! :love:

Good, I was already watching you. Most good. Good good.
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haha all the works I did were on paper that there's no way I can scan, lawls
littlehummingbirdy's avatar
wow its so beautiful !!
trakehners are soo cool, anglo arabians too, but the head would have to be a bit different for an anglo arab.
or something different maybe, a westphalian or a selle francais, and so on :3 westphalian would fit perfect with the head :3
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Your shading is fantastic! It looks so real! :) I love the feeling of this whole artwork and I can't wait to see it finished! :D
GabiHorseCE's avatar
Wow!this one is amazing!!
EquineRibbon's avatar
Can't go wrong with Trakehners :dummy:
Looking FANTASTIC so far, Sage, really good job on the shading ^^
SageSinRiddle's avatar
hehe :heart: Trakehners :heart:
Thank you ^^ I'm almost afraid to ruin it by doing the rest, haha.
HeronCrest's avatar
I can't believe how fast you work, and come out with such amazing, realistic results!

I love your work! :squee:
SageSinRiddle's avatar
Not that fast, lol. Took me about 9 hours yesterday, before, between and after classes
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A thoroughbred... or a sport horse of some sort? I met a gorgeous mare once who looked arab but was really shire/thoroughbred/hannovarian. Maybe some interest cross like that?

Absolutely beautiful so far!!
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maybe a Selle?
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That's a strong possibility ^^ He'll be going to my other account with the other breeds once I finish the drawing. This is my last "hoo-rah" on this XD
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wow your shading has gotten even more realistic! Stupendous!
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This looks amazing so far! I'd say Trakehner myself, but I also love Dutch Warmbloods! Maybe one of those breeds? I'm glad you decided to shade this!
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