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Hey, I'm trying to win either a signed guitar by the band Dead by Sunrise or a signed album by promoting their new album and single "Crawl Back In". Would you please be so kind as to click the link below for me? I need to get at least 150 unique clicks. Thank you very much! =)

All right, so here's my first DA journal!

I've been slowly uploading new photography shots I took during my photography class this past semester, so please keep an eye out for those and if you can, please comment on them with any feedback (questions, comments, constructive-criticism, etc).

I've also been working on a one-minute-long 3D animated acting object short from this past semester. I am trying to refine the animation and add sound before it is put up online for the public to see; I'll post a journal about it when it's fully online. Until then, I might be uploading some stills of the work in progress.

That's it for now everyone! Thanks for reading and checking back! :)