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Twokinds Natani - Roffles

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Kay - Natani trying to become one with her feminine side. Eric's books are NOT a good resource for trying to understand your feminine side.

[link] fan art of course...

I really couldnt think of anything and when i mentioned "Natani in stockings" Tom said he couldnt imagine it, now he doesnt have to.

Set as mature purely to avoid random people from seeing it- really now- i dont draw anthros often so its not very good =_=
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o, natani is going to murder you
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haha! makes me laugh! love natani! good job Sage!
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I figured since there was some good Yosh! fanart on Tom's DA, there might be some good TK fanart here.

It seems my logic was correct yet again.
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cool..... i think
i also have to say that is an awesome workª
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*wishes he could draw better wolf anthros* T~T
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*Jaw drops to the floor and breaks the floor*
lol erics books? a sorce of good information? OMG Nat in that outfit? so many ?????? im so confused *passes out*
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Natani's my favorite character, anyone who can use "THEY'RE LIES SHUT UP!" as an excuse is awsome in my book
Most likely explination? Natani followed Trace and Flora to the Yosh! reality, and ended up having to pose for a set of photos taken by Blue. The outfit looks 'modern world', not TwoKinds, and it looks like she's in front of a large window.
Lovely pic.
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I love Twokinds and Natani! She looks gorgeous here- you've captured her character really well.

But... I really can't imagine her wearing this at all! It just doesn't look right! XD
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It's certainly a new look for Natani
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Nicely done, she looks good, uncomfortable but good ;), nice picture :sprint: Keep it up :thumbsup:
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Natani looks...fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine . heheheh
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It looks quite good. The backgound complements her coloring well.
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That's very well done.
As Kirk Lazarus would yell: Everyone's gay at some point >=-D
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I like this a little bit
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Ok you promise She won't hurt me is I look right??
*peeks a little*
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You've got me beat on the anthro front. I think she looks great.
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