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Trace too-exclaim query marks-



Roffles... If you don't get the last part of the title - its because ! and ? are no allowed for titles. Which makes sense for anyone who has done any kinda data entry for a database on a site...

So its really "Trace too?!"

Yes - Twokinds fanart [link]

I shouldnt have to explain this, but I will...

Gender bending has recently become more fun for me to draw for whatever reason. Any excuse to draw move boobs. "Et Tu Brute?" it latin for "And you Brutus?" or something to that effect- here it more or less means Flora feels betrayed by Trace (or Tracy? roffles) since as a girl... her breasts are bigger...

I dont think ive ever had any real breast grabbing in any of my pictures before... its interesting XD
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Well, Flora can rest assured.  I'm turned off by large breasts.  I think Flora's are nice, just the right size.  LOL.  As for the gender bending, yes, in the "TwoKinds" universe, gender bending seems to be a thing.  Tom quite often has it as part of his weekly stream.  Someone, or some ones, get gender bent on a REGULAR basis.  I guess it all started with Natani wearing breast wraps and trying to pass herself off as a male because the Assassin's Guild doesn't allow female members.