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Ruby by Sageofotherworlds Ruby by Sageofotherworlds
Another RWBY sketch colored really quickly in a stream. Gonna do a mini art dump now...
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Sageofotherworlds Featured By Owner Edited Jan 30, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
That's ridiculous on both sides refusing to watch a show because someone has their account taken down for a reason that makes so little sense that I honestly do not believe it actually happened that way. DA doesnt shut down accounts over a single image and definitely not for cleavage. Then you take into account that has nothing to do with the show or its creators. It's  a fantastic show and your reason for boycotting it has zero effect on anyone but you.

There is also zero chance a persons account got removed over the sole issue of cleavage.
Lux-Vertas Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, He deactivated his account because he had his saturation point of his images being removed because it was just cleavage. So yeah Bit of a white lie there... opps...

To be honest, the show never interested me! And to have a shows Fan basically act like a spoiled brat or an abusive bully puts a foul taste in my mouth, Like Sin City, I can't watch that as Frank Miller is an incredibly foul individual. So any enjoyment I can get is usually non-existant. Hell I don't get much enjoyment form Steven Universe after a bunch of... individuals (to be polite) pushed someone to suicide because she did not subscribe to their standards of political correctness...

Ugh... I wish I could Drink booze and get a decent drunk state but no I can only get nothing or just violent...
Sageofotherworlds Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
That, unfortunately, sounds a lot more like what ends up happening. It's also important to remember that fans of anything are still just people as flawed as always. Some people are just garbage people, but even garbage people can like good things. Also the creative person behind it, who passed away not to long ago, was a remarkable artist worth checking out. You shouldn't let a fool stop you from trying something you might like, it has no affect on you. I know about the case with Steven Universe fans- that was terrible, but the show didn't make them do what they did, it's a pretty fun show, and does nothing to support that kind of behavior. The problem isn't the art, it's the people.

But if you dont like something- there's nothing wrong with that either! The world is filled with fiction and non-fiction that billions of people can enjoy! Whatever you like it's out there along with thousands to millions of people who also like it! I just would never want someone to avoid something over a group of fools that managed to prove their foolery online.

As for a bad creator- Frank Millers ideas and views are all over his work. He is responsible for his art and if you dont like him as a person, you probably wont like his art, I don't care for it myself either. No one worth listening to is going to tell us we "have to like him". ^_^
Lux-Vertas Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I know, I know, I just needed to vent... That event was the straw that shattered the Dromedary's Spinal column!

I'll hide the coment as it is useless crap...
ZeroAlpha-2487 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016  Student Artist
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