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Karen and Raine O_o

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^_^ Its been a long day of update after update... ive updated 10 times in the course of this "day" pretty crazy -- but i hope yall like what i have done. Anyways about the picture... Open Canvas then Photoshop ^_^

Its late -- Im tired -- and i thought this would be cute because ive never done anything like it before ^_^ Its just suposed to be cute-- nothing more-- if this were an animation Raine would push her away (like shes doing in the picture -- not the "movement lines" ^^) Karen would laugh and skip away...But i thought it was a good end for the day... Take care ^_^
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The characters are Karen and Raine from Twokinds -- they are of course © Tom Fischbach, this drawing is also of course © Philip Brown
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This looks pretty gay if you ask me
Hmmm... What antics are rumbling round that there brain o' yours?
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Same as Kitsune. I'm curious as to what they've been staying busy with. But don't feel like we're forcing you to do anything!
Nice. It would be good if in Twokinds one or both of them got a romantic relationship. What's been happening with them since they last appeared in Twokinds, anyway?
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what are we coming to. first it starts all innocent. then slowly... ever so slowly our morals change and we decide we can add sumthin like this... but hey what do i know im only a teen. Great pic sage. pretty good for a change of perspective.
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When will it end!? I'm so jealous! I love this...good ol' twokinds yuri. =P

Kind of reminds me of an incident I was involved in earlier this week....O.o

Great job Phil, though I can't help but critique your use of the side-on head view. It still needs work >.>

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Yeah the side of the head is always a problem for me because i usally uses the 2 eyes to possition everything ^_^ So its like hanging a picture from the corner ^^;;; I'll keep working on it-- its a must for comics unfortuantely and everyone does it differently....
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