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Flora and Trace

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This is a fan art for Tom

when i get the time im going to try another one because this one didnt turn out as good as i hoped it would now that i look at it again... not to mention i made it night and well the shading isnt that good for a night scene -- -_- well maybe i can update this later...
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the only thing that can be describe in this pic is pretty much "Beauty and the Beast" or "man and animal" about to have sex.
Some how ALL my fave comics know at least 1 other...
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Flora! very good ^_^ I think I've seen your comics before on Twokinds :) Well done ;p
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Trace's profile does seem a little off, but Flora is pretty good! ^,_,^

That's meh smilie! Don't steal! ^,_,^
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Awwwwwwwwww, that's cute! ^_^

Although, trace's profile seems a bit odd, I think you should make the lips more defined. =3 Other than that, this is awesome! ^_^

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*wishes he was the blue haired kid*
Nice work.
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thanks and just to be over suportive of Tom - if you havent seen the comic these two are from go to [link] ! His art is much better than mine anyways ^_^
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Thanks for telling me the orignal site for the characters!
I always need more distractions from homework.
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