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Warm Drink on Cold Nights

By SageOfMagic
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Laura from TwoKinds sitting on a couch drinking hot chocolate. It...doesn't look much like her. The grey tones are very difficult to show with graphite shading and could be mistaken for highlights. I'm also not very familiar with how to draw feel like that. But I tried. It was for their winter contest. I'm happy with how cute she looks though.
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Thats a big couch, though amazing work XD
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Huge couch. All the more room to sit on!
Thank you~
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Awesome, very lovely drawing my friend!
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Thank you~ I'm glad you enjoy it!
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Yay Laura!! ^_^
Love it, and the shading is wonderful!
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Thank you ^^
I need to try my hand at Laura again. My style's shifted since this one.
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Would it be alright with you if I colored this?
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Feel free to. I'd be honored :3
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Alrighty, I'll work on it tomorrow. =D
Wow, that's very nice! She looks cute like that.
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Always love how you do the hair and tails. And also...BUTT! It's WHITE!

All in all, cute.
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pfff, well I know where you were looking.

But thanks ^^
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x3 I thought you might get a kick out of that comment.
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a lot of people like the white heart butt fur pattern
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Aww, Laura looks so very cute, if not a bit startled.

She looks great done in your style.
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O.O So cute... (Don't let Spike see this! He'll do "bad things"!)

Awesome work, Ska! ^^
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Awwww...cute foxie Laura...nice work, as always.
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That's awesome right there. I love graphite shading! :D
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