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Sagey and Az

A simple doodle I made of myself and a friend's ponysona, Azure Waning. Her cutie mark there is a waning crescent, which is one of the final two phases of the moon's rotation before the new moon phase. It's a much much more simple cutie mark than what's on the original reference pic she gave me, which is a mess of constellations that I'd die trying to draw. Luckily, my friend agreed that the old one was way too complex, and suggested this much more pleasant and simple cutie mark, which I found easy and really relaxing to draw.

This was a nice little project that took about a week, due to me feeling pretty down in the dumps for a while. It's amazing how therapeutic it is to watch a drawing slowly come together over time. Wings and hands are my nemesis.

Hey, her cutie mark sort of fits in with my name! How 'bout that?

Completed on the morning of Tuesday, 3/14/2017.

Sage© SagelyByMoonlight
Azure Waning© AzureWaning
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