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Love, Indubitably

A silly little doodle of two of my favorite Looney Tunes characters, Mac and Tosh loving on each other. This doodle was inspired by an adorable sketch by FriendOfMegamanTrash featuring the same characters. I'd always suspected somewhere in the back of my mind that these little guys might be gay, but it wasn't until FOMT told meit that I actually looked it up and confirmed it for myself. I actually did this entire thing within the space of a day (Sunday 4/9/2017) so I'm sort of proud of myself!
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You certainly spit that art out fast-
Nice contribution. These two have an extremely underwhelming art gallery when it comes to their pairing. 
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I know. It's because I cheated. Mac and Tosh look pretty much identical, so once I'd drawn one, drawing the other seemed impractical. Since there wouldn't be any different physical details, I pretty much drew I'll say Mac, (left) then copy/pasted his template for Tosh.

I'll go sit in the corner now,
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Do whatever it takes to learn, I guess-
Though yeah, they are practically the same if not exactly the same.
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Yup yup! That's why they're easy! Let's make a lot more!
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Make a lot more?
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Make more what?
And since when was an us involved?

You mean art for the ship?
Eh- You can. I think I'll draw gay angels instead.
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Well, I'd love to see that from you too! The gay angels.
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