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Cutting It Out
Standing in front of the mirror I don't recognize the man staring back at me. What I see looking back at me has been made by the treachery that you spilt upon me. With tears streaming down my face I realize I must purge myself of what you left behind. I pick up some scissors and begin to cut my hair instead of strands of hair I see the weight of you falling away,the pressure you pushed on me. I put my hand to my stomach I can feel the sickness. I lean over the sink and put my two fingers down my throat and regurgitate all the bullshit you have ever fed me the lies, and the trickery. The sheer magnitude of what shot forth from my throat showed me how long it had gone on the years,months,and days. I wipe the foulness from my mouth. I reach for a small knife that I had brought into the bathroom with me. I bring it up to my face and hold it against the center of my forehead. I apply enough pressureso I feel the tip break through the skin. I drag the knife along the outline of my face. My w
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I Used To Be
I used to be so much more than I am today
Used to be a man with the power of a hurricane,but now I am just lost in the wind.
I used to have an appetite for life,art,and music but now I am devoured by the world that surrounds me.
I used to be so rich with happiness,warmth,and compassion
but I have been torn and bled of all that is good inside of me.
What used to be memories of a fond childhood I find the truth a battered and bruised six year old me at the end of the hallway.
I used to have somuch to be thankful for but now empty spaces are all I find lurking behind every corner.
I used to have so much to look forward to goals,dreams,my ambittion,my excessive hard work
smoke and mirrors clouded my mind of things that were never really there.
I could have been a force to be reckoned with and unstoppable individual
but have been reduced to a grain of salt.
I used to have ideas to change the world thoughts of peace,unity,and equality
but learned of the dark twisted nature of humanity.
I use
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Silent Accomplice
Night after night I watch you come up in my house. It is not how it used to be. When you walked through my door it was rays of light that washed over my body flowing between my overworked fingertips warming the deepest darkest parts of my soul. I felt like my horrid past swallowed me up everytime you left my fears melted away as long as you were with me. Things are different now as you come up in my house a twisted dark hand comes from the shadows to claw at what little happiness I have left. My body feels betrayed by you the last time you touched me you even felt like a different man. Something foreign almost alien to me. Oh God! And time knows how long it has been since your hands have gripped my thighs or your lips have brushed against my neck. I have foregotten the feeling of the human touch, and no longer yearn for it from you. Ever since then I have not felt human myself not enjoyed life's simple pleasures. The smell of gardenia's on the air has disappeared the crown of lilies th
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Dream Warrior
As I lay in my bed in the dark completely enveloped by mounds of blankets. My eyes drift down towards my feet. The blankets begin to shift and rise like something is coming towards me. I feel the slight brush of your skin against mine. My body completely bare feels your every move. Where have you come from? How have you come to me this night? Your scent on the air tells me you are from a distant land. The smell of wild long grass, and exotic spices fill my nose. The tribal rings of feathers around your wrists skim across my stomach. Who is this man beneath my sheets? I can feel you trembling as though you are nervous. I feel your breath against my chest. I bite down on my lip to keep from vocalizing my ecstasy. All of your weight against me now leaves me in a trance. The only thing you wear is a strap of cloth around your waist that leads down between your legs. As your hand grips my waist I feel your moist full bodied lips against my neck. I feel every muscle in your body as you move
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The Fearsome Captain Chenbeard by WordOfChen The Fearsome Captain Chenbeard :iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 73 251
Surreal Reality
Surreal Reality:
The tides that bind a fallen city,
Swirls of vision, animosity...
Lost beneath a silvered glass,
Watch and wait as hours pass.
You find yourself, now surreal,
Surrounded by clocks with a ticking squeal.
You walk to the kitchen, a hand you find,
A platter in which to place your mind.
The microwave dings, the toaster rings,
From the oven you pull, intestinal strings.
You stab with the knife, it ends in your head,
Place your mind into a toasted bread...
You walk to the car, you breathe in deep,
You look into your pocket; the bottle you keep.
You take a long swig, it's a magical drive,
Your soul falls asleep while you await to arrive.
Silence, broken silence,
Emptiness filled with eyes and ears,
Rainbows haunt and tear the skies,
Falling rain like bitter tears...
Broken and unspoken,
Suddenly you are bowed!
Your throat explodes with shards of glass,
It ends the life to which you vowed...
Each gurgle of blood that is caught on your lips,
The sputum you cough is fleck
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 248 183
February Landscape Challenge 19th by fdasuarez February Landscape Challenge 19th :iconfdasuarez:fdasuarez 1,449 97 mini dino by Apofiss mini dino :iconapofiss:Apofiss 16,282 1,018 popcorn by vesner popcorn :iconvesner:vesner 4,616 829
We Will Win This War.
This is our time to fix what is wrong
This is our time to knock down their walls
Time to hit the streets
Time to make this world the way it was meant to be
Time to achieve your destiny
Fight for what you believe in
We will always be by your side
You are never alone
We are The Revolution
We will never surrender
We will keep coming
We will win this war
:iconbillm2n:Billm2n 7 16
Mature content
Conformity and Obedience :icondkarndezolus:DkarnDezolus 3 1
My Shadow Lover and I
His eyes were bright amber,
the sweetest kiss of sunset
on a black horizon.
Only ebony feathers could match
the color of his hair as perfectly
as a night sky matched the stars.
The cool sheets of white marble,
perfectly formed and strong, were his arms
molded about my waist in an endless embrace.
Our lips melded together;
we were invisible to the mortal world,
my shadow lover and I.
Yet, the darkness was not content
to allow the moon and stars to kiss;
It dreamed of lonely nightmares.
My shadow lover and I
were torn apart, together
before a stage of bloody fantasies.
Laden with a binding curse,
our hearts rendered to tatters on the floor,
my shadow lover was forever lost.
And I…
I was left to bleed and die,
forever dreaming of the days
of my shadow lover and I.
:iconiphantomsilver:IPhantomSilver 9 12
I scrape my hands upon the ground,
Staring at my cell.
I wonder why I'm trapped inside,
This vivid living hell.
I've heard the voices calling out,
Maybe they're in my head...
I wonder where my cell-mates are,
Maybe they are dead...
Time has no meaning in this place,
Nor does the word of day and night,
The food is simply human flesh,
It will give you quite a fright...
Upon a chair they strap me down,
They open my eyes and make me shiver,
They pull out a scalpel and many knives,
The sight alone, it makes me quiver.
They inject me with a strange chemical,
The world does fade to black.
I wake up in my cell again,
And hear the sound clink-clack!
Lo, they left the door unlocked,
Unhinged it's time for freedom.
Release me from this horrid prison,
It is a place devoid of reason!
Demons chase me in the halls,
A laughing chef with a chainsaw calls.
It splutters and thirsts for my blood of life,
But I'd rather die by the kitchen knife!
"I wonder if I ever said goodbye to my
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 646 336
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I am sure I will add on to this in the near future but I thought I would put a little something in my journal. Life is crazy and complicated but I live it to the fullest I am free spirited and a wild child. I love to have fun doing what I do. I love to dance I am a dancer music moves me I can hear a piece of music and instantly think up a dance for it. I am a funny guy making people laugh is something I enjoy laughing is healthy. I just want to be free and live. Everyday is a journey I love it I have always wanted to be an adventurer. Lol.


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