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Carlito's Spawn Pin-Up

Pencils: Carlito
Colors: Jason Boyd (me)

Okay, I THINK this is Spawn. The colors are based on reference I got from Carlito, so they're right, but I know they aren't Spawn's colors. Eh, anyway, here it is.
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I think this version of Spawn is from a point in the story where he poseses power greater than both the Devil and God.
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Yup, thats spawn during the armageddon if I recall.
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Greg Capullo (in my opinion) made the best version of spawn.

And Carlitos made a great work imitating his work. And the coloring almost like the originals. Simply amazing!

And a little critic: I think someone forgot the spikes in the right hand :o
ThursdayNext222's avatar
Love it. Good Job. (=

bloodnevermore's avatar
This is Spawn Redemption. I actually have a 12 inch figure of this. It's my favorite Spawn picture/basic build. You did a great job.
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Comic Hero is a comic art feature.
This week the article is about Spawn and your deviation was choosen to be featured :)

Click here to read the article.
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WOW. the wings look perfect and spawn looks awsome as ever. great job man did u do that on your own??
HookBott's avatar
Top notch!

KoraggRules's avatar
Francisgenois's avatar
Nice Spawn!!! I draw him me too, tell me your opinion...
kcthegrungekid's avatar
Even though those aren't his colors I still love it :P I also love the ectoplasmic's pretty
The1Blur's avatar
i think the coors fit him well... for the area and the scene itself. Plus..this is Spawn on the upside. I say its a great job!
mainone's avatar
that looks dope
amazing. i love your use of the browns in the picture. simply great.
Byrek's avatar
great view of my favorite comix hero ^^
PradoInkworks's avatar
Your color work would easliy get the attention of Brian Hablerlin... it's fucking beautiful... I'd like to get ahold of the penciler... he's clearly a very talented artist... wonder if he's looking for an inker...? Dan prado
Thaodorin's avatar
oh my fuckin god!
this is like.. wow man! :D
Daxamist's avatar
So nice...Spawn is the shit.
AlastorPhoenix's avatar
This is when Spawn basically became omnipitent. by eating the fruit from the Garden of Eden he gained powers that rivaled God and Satan.
tarlnak's avatar
I hate fanart, but this is really cool, and Btw, the ascended spawn (when he was an angel) didnt have the same colors as the hellspawn
ClaytonBarton's avatar
thats amazing... that really is... u both have really awesome talent... great work. keep it up. a fave for sure.
Prinzu's avatar
The two of you did a freaking amazing job mate <333 I remeber the cover of Spawn with angel wings and I loved to see move pics like that and here it is xDDD Deffiantly a :+fav: <333 Also like the fact of Spawn going to Angela her grave <333

I love the line art and the coloring is magnificant <333
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