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How do you keep your hair so nice?



Before I say anything else I need mention that the artist of the original work has been having issues with people stealing and selling her art as their own. Because of this she has a right to be rather sensitive to people copying her work in any way, so that is why I have been hesitant for several days to post this image and if it is removed by the site staff or I receive a request from the artist I will remove it myself. Stealing art is something I am strongly opposed to and something an artist should not have to deal with. So if this image disappears within the next few minutes or anytime in the future you know what happened. 

So having said that this vector is based entirely on the work of: :iconspittfireart:.  I cannot take any credit for its existence. Furthermore, I will not give out an SVG file and I will never sell or give out a physical copy so don't bother asking. Also you can follow her Spitfire tumblr blog here: This is the source for the original work the vector is based on. 

About the vector; This is the single most difficult vector I have ever done and I have no intention of trying to surpass it in complexity. The type of stroke blending and shading the artist used in the original piece is difficult to reproduce with a vectoring program. Total work time is somewhere around 30 hours over 3 or so weeks. I will continue to make and upload vectors now and then but I am going to start getting back into photoshop again. I don't want to deal with a project taking over my life like this one did. 

Everything MLPFiM related originally came from: :iconfyre-flye: So go pay your respects. 

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If this is a vector as you said nice work, honestly, I thought is was just a simple copy-paste of *spittfireart's work until reading the description. But seeing as you have the skills to put together something like this why not post your own work? something more original?