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WIP - Meara's wedding dress

This is Cynis Meara. She's usually a lot happier than she looks right now. That's because right now she's marrying what she thinks is the Ebon Dragon, currently wearing her fiance's form, and they're in Malfeas. That Sidereal charm, Conclusive Wisdom, is a bitch. Her choice here is to either marry the whatever-it-is-but-obviously-not-her-fiance, or pitch herself off the top of the malfean brass tower and die a painful squishy death.

Work-in-progress: the dress is a silvery thing, made with thin, tiny silver leaves, and those are a pain to draw. Also, no background right now, as she's floating in white space. ;)
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I was going going to say...

Rather modest for her, isn't it?
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Wow she is being formal for her wedding- look at all that coverage!

Let's hope Zyden can get to -one- wedding of Meara's...