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Cynis Meara's Wedding Dress

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The finished product of the wedding dress from hell - no, literally.

Cynis Meara is wearing the latest in Malfean fashion, a couture gown made of leaves from Hrotsvitha. She is standing at the top of a brass tower overlooking the expanse, and has a choice to either jump to her death, or go back down and marry the creature of darkness posing as her actual fiance. The Sidereal charm, Conclusive Wisdom, was meant to show her a vision of her possible death. Things got weird when the Ebon Dragon started to speak to her through her not-fiance as he saw through the illusion and spoke of wonderful things to come.

This was a pain in the arse to do, as all those tiny leaves made me go cross-eyed. Also, the tower is not the colour I wanted it to be, but by now I'm done colouring.

Cynis Meara is mine. Exalted belongs to White Wolf.
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I hope Meara -does- get a sweet silver-leafed wedding dress, but I hope it is not made of parts of a demon forest soul of the Black Boar That Twists The Skies. Moonsilver is always an option. Or just pretty fabric.

Still creeped out that Ebbie saw through that. And chose to retroactively make you important for the last hundred years... ? Still -confused- about that. :P

I'd also be glad to give you metal-shading tips. If there's one thing I know...