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In one way or another, and in styles ranging across my spectrum of moods, I have prior and piece-by-piece added solo pictures of each of the Mane 6. Save for Twilight, that is. I just never really had been in the mood to draw one. She seems to me to be a character that gets quite a large amount of attention, and my interest tends to lean towards those types that don't get a lot of notice (which is the primary reason I first started a guardspony story way back when).

Anyways, tangents; here is a picture of Twilight. She has just finished reading Starswirl the Bearded's treatise: "An Astronomer's Guide to Passing Out on a Cliff Side and Not Rolling over the Edge after a Full Night of Stargazing."

They can squeeze quite a lot into those scribbly characters of theirs.
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First of all, let's talk about vision; Your aim is to show TS passed out by a cliff. Needless to say, the perspective of this image is quite amazing, I just hope that TS doesn't roll over in her sleep. (Ha, ha.) As for originality, I don't believe I've seen a drawing like this before, so you win points for that. As for your technique, I must say the colors and detail work quite nicely and it makes your image really beautiful, and the point-of-view is fantastic and, in my opinion, completes your image. As for the impact....THIS DRAWING IS SO FREAKING CUTE OMGOMGG---Sorry, my inner Twi fantard escaped again.
All in all, you did a perfect job with this drawing, keep it up.