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Celtic Rune Charm Pack

12 Celtic Rune Charm photos

Please credit me if used.

(Send me a link to your deviation, i'd love to see how these get used!)
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Where would I buy this set. Love them.
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Thank you for your stock it was used here (Saddened for its size, it is the medallion at the end of the chain);-)
Levitating by MJClArt
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Used here:…
I also need to know if I can use the picture that I made using your work for a portfolio.
Thank you!
StephanieMcAlea's avatar Celtic? They look Nordic to me. Celtic runes are usually just Ogham.
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could i use these as reference for a tattoo design? do you have a helpful hint for positive bind runes (looking for something to represent balance, love and protection for me and my family)?
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Hi there! I used this stock here: Unstoppable time. Thank you very much for sharing :handshake:
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I used the prosperity rune here:
Thank you!
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Hi, I used you stock here: [link]
I hope you like it.
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Many look Anglo-Saxon to me. (: Great resource.
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Good idea for a pack. I thought these were Viking/Norse though?
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Forgive me my pedantic intrusion, but they are, in fact, a mixture of Elder FUTHARK forms and Anglo-Saxon FUTHORC names. Here I see only 12, whereas there should be 12 more.
The runes were never Celtic, "Ogham" is.

Their meanings are...well...esoterically correct and so never wrong. :D

Here you can find more info: [link]
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I didn't know that, thanks for the correction and link. In the UK these or similar are often displayed (and used in various fantasy rpgs and the like) as "Viking Runes" or "Norse Runes" . . .

Is my mistake general, or because these are similar and I don't know enough to tell the difference?
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Well, I know that there are many misconceptions flying around, which is a bit sad since the Futhorc system is Anglo-Saxon and was used in England. (And Friezeland, hence the fact that they are sometimes referred to as "Anglo-Frisian").

The Vikinger used runestaves ("letters") too, that is true, but they used slightly different sequences. Of course they did take them wherever they went.

Ogham is different, but completely Celtic. (Google it).

When it comes to Runes it's a bit as with the Bible: you can believe and accept what popular media say about it (like, or you can go to the source and educate yourself. ;)

I find the study of Runes very interesting and I use them.
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Could be... When I had my beadstore, they were sold to me under "Celtic Runes" so that's the current name.


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OK. Anyway, whatever the source, I think this (and the others in the series) is a very handy pack for adding finishing touches to fantasy pieces. I hope you get some interesting posts back showing what has been made :-)
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