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Any left handed character for me is a win. 
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Left-handed minstrel is rather unusual,but then he is an elf ,I take it, and you never know with the elves... All in all really tranquillising picture:) Thanks for sharing!
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This piece is my favorite out of your gallery! Love it!
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какой у него классный рюкзачок)
Generalobiwankenobi7's avatar
I love the look of this character!
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This is so nice!!
mockingbirdontree's avatar
The ministrel seems to sing a happy song. He is smiling and the animals around him seem to listen awestruck. The details are very carefully depicted. Very good picture.
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Thanks, he is happy indeed :)
onomisha's avatar
What a wonderful scene and awesome composition !! Love the tranquility !!
bredfound's avatar
Very handsome indeed. Well done!
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Handsome character⌒.⌒ love the scenery
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There's a mix of the typical fantasy setting with a more modern feel here that is delightful!
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This, is beautiful.  The amount of detail is just stunning, both the backpack and the minstrel himself.  And yet you haven't neglected the background.  I have a strong impression of a minstrel who is suddenly inspired to stop his journey from place to place and give a free show just for the birds.
sagasketchbook's avatar
Wow! What an inspiring description! I immediately want to draw one more ministrel, haha:D (Big Grin) 
FFX2player's avatar
Thanks, it really is a lovely piece :)
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I love this scene. Looks so peaceful. I feel like I can almost hear him singing. :)
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hermoso!!!!  *_*
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