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Lilina Reviews Pokemon Gyms 2


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Lilina Reviews Pokemon Gyms 2


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Lilina Tsukino


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Review Intro

Lilina Reviews

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Kazahami Profile Izumi

character bases

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Gensokyan Gamers 364

Gensokyan Gamers

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BN2 Omake

MegaMari Battle Network

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A magical trackdown 1

Magical Trackdown

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Walfas Crossing 20

Walfas Crossing

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Shields Ruin Picnics

Ruined Picnics

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Stealth Filibuster

Author Filibuster

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New World RP 9

Current world RPs

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Let's Play Pokemon Quartz 0

      Well, welcome one and all to my first Let's Play. We will be going through Pokemon Quartz, savestateless of course, and try to conquer the realm of Corna. This is a Romhack of Pokemon Ruby, the third generation game I actually own. Well, okay, I've got Emerald too, but you know what I mean. The game begins quite similar to the Ruby opening, except filled with retarded Pokemon. As we select New Game, as I already had a save file, we come across the game's Professor. Prof:  Hullo! We're about to arrive... OK!       I'd like to guess he's just supposed to have an accen

Let's Play Pokemon Quartz - Complete

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Hiring Help Horse


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Laying Down the Soccer Rules 48

Laying Down the Soccer Rules

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An Obsessive Incident 20

An Obsessive Incident

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Future Characters


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