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I figured people might appreciate if I just combine all the Smash Journals I was gonna make into one. Sooooo, let's start with...


Ice Climbers: I think everyone knew they'd be back. It's nice to see they're viable in 8-Player Smash this time, thus avoiding being removed for that reason. I've never gone to competitive tournaments, so I've never had to deal with the wobble, but it seems to be gone, and that's nice. They've clearly been nerfed, but figuring the things they could do in Melee in particular, they kinda deserved it.

Young Link: I think if there's any one character Sakurai could have easily left out, it'd have been this guy. Mainly because Toon Link was basically the same thing, and I'm wondering just how different the two will really be. I played as Young Link a lot back in Melee, so I'll probably get to find out.

Pichu: I hope he's not such a joke character this time. I know the "Hurts himself" mechanic is still there, but you don't have to be a joke just because you cast from HP.

Snake: I honestly never thought we'd see Snake in anything ever again, never mind Smash. Konami seems to be trying to fix their PR a little bit. The new Down Smash seems a little less awkward to me personally, as I hated his old one. I hope codecs are back.

Squirtle: My favorite of Red's mons, the lack of a stamina mechanic means I might actually get to play as him this time. That was a major turn-off.

Ivysaur: Maybe people will play as Ivysaur now that Fire doesn't do extra damage.

Wolf: Hopefully he's not so janky this time. He had Sonic's upair as his Up Smash in Brawl, and other kinds of things like that. I wish we had kept him over Falco, though.

Inkling: Nobody was surprised they're in the game, but it's nice to see Sakurai kept true to their roots. The ink mechanic is exactly the thing they should have.

Daisy: Now I can actually enjoy Peach's moveset without having to actually play as Peach. Huzzah!

Ridley: Ehhh, I still think he's super awkward looking. It's nice he's here, though. One of the vilest villains in Nintendo, it's only right we get some more villains.

Simon: Konami surprised me and actually let us have nice things. Now if only Bomberman was playable.

Richter: Apparently, he's more popular in Japan than Simon, which is why he's here, probably. He also plays an important role in something I'll bring up later on in the journal.

Chrom: SO he got his chance another day after all. Huh. Wonder what Robin's Final Smash is now. Also, the Different Up-B is nice.

Dark Samus: Huh, she has a normal roll, which means she's probably better than vanilla Samus.

The one, the only, the Krokodile King himself, King K. Rool: I had given up hope. I really had. That's why I didn't mention him here in SMash Ultimate. THen, I got what I wanted. All those beautiful references in his moves. I couldn't be happier to see him.

5. Heihachi - If we get a second Namco rep, I want Heihachi so he can have a "Tie people to rockets" Final Smash. Honorable Mention goes to Terry Bogard, by the way, just because having SNK here would be amazing, but I know Terry'd get in over Fio.
4. Crash Bandicoot - FIguring the treatment Simon's getting, I don't see this one happening in the base game. Maybe DLC. But it would be so cool to have Mario vs. Sonic vs. Crash.
3. Shantae: We'll be talking a bit more about her in a different section, so I'll save it for there.
2. Mike Jones: Not only would he be a classic NES character, BUT he could use Tetris in his moveset, repping a SECOND classic game. One everyone's heard of.
1. Ribbon Girl: It's not happening, but I'd love if it did. Maybe DLC, but I think Sakurai's going purely off the ballot.

5. Any Undertale characters whatsoever. I feel like putting them in a fighting game kind of misses the point of Undertale somehow.
4. Any more sword-wielding Fire Emblem characters. There are other weapons in the franchise. Can we get an axe? Or a Lance?
3. Rabbids. Kingdom Battle was surprisingly good, but not over Rayman.
2. A Mortal Kombat guest character. I'm one of those guys who think Cloud, SNake, and Bayo are out of place in Smash. But compared to an MK character they'd be right at home.
1. GOKU. I know Sean Schemmel's already said he hasn't been asked to do any voicing for it for Smash, and he voices Lucario so they HAVE contacted him, so he'd know, but still. No 4th party characters. At all.... Okay, MAYBE Captain N can get in, but other than him, no. If we MUST have a Goku, let's get the one from Yuyuki because he's ACTUALLY a Nintendo character and can rep the Famicom. Soooo, yeah, no Saiyans please.

Skull Kid: Feels weird that we're talking about someone from Majora's Mask, but here we are. As people have pointed out, the sofa probably adds on to the chairs to make Skull Kid's colors. I'm still not sure it means something, but Sakurai's done this before (Pac-Man cloud in Greninja's trailer, anyone?). I'd have asked what the point of the idea was before Hyrule Warriors happened, but now I've warmed up a bit to the idea of him as opposed to back in Smash 4.

Isaac: Ahh, yes, another fan favorite. The reason I'm bringing him up is because of a particular screenshot Sakurai posted where the camera makes it look just like a Golden Sun battle. I could definitely see Isaac making the cut and joining Robin in the Sword n' Sorcery club. We really don't have enough mixed attackers, so I'm down for this.

Isabelle: Why do I bring up Puppy Secretary, you ask? Why, isn't it odd we haven't seen her Assist Trophy yet? And even weirder, there's a NEW Animal Crossing one instead. Oh, yeah, and the Vergeben leak (AKA the dude who told us Ice CLimbers, SNake, Ridley, and Simon before E3.) which added Isabelle as playable at some point, and later clarified she's an Echo Fighter for Villager. The idea of Smacking around the King of Evil as a college-educated Shih Tzu is just too hilarious. Yes please.

Shadow the Hedgehog: Speaking of Missing Assist Trophies who seem to have a new one for their series, here's Shadow. He's gonna end up as an Echo of Sonic, for sure. And he's almost certainly in.

Geno: Word has it he did really well in the Ballot. Maybe he'll happen. Or maybe Square will keep being stingy since it seems there's STILL only 2 Final Fantasy songs. I'd prefer Sora, myself, but I don't see Sora getting in over Geno this time.

Pokemon reps in general: A lot of people think we're gonna get Decidueye, but I can't help but feel someone else is coming our way. I know there's a leak that says Incineroar and one that has Zeraora as a Lucario Echo, with GARDEVOIR of all mons as a Newcomer.  I have no idea how this will go down, and won't pretend I'm anywhere near as sure as I am of Isabelle or Skull Kid.

Spring Man: Unlikely for Base game. THey've been working on this game since well before ARMS came out. We'll see for DLC.

Shantae: If they go for an Indie Rep, I'm expecting Shantae, but that's a big IF. I'd love to see her and more magic users would be amazing, plus her transformations would be fun to mess around with, but they may have been too time-consuming for Sakurai to consider. However, she has history that Shovel Knight lacks so she might actually get somewhere.

Rayman: I want to see what the amiibo would look like. Also, once the couch was pointed out to me, I think I can safely say Rayman ain't happening.

Paper Mario: THe leak that had Gardevoir on it (THe one that had Richter on it, for the record), Also mentioned a second Mario, this probably being Paper Mario. As a fan of the first three titles in the series, I might enjoy it, I might not.

Karate Joe: DK's pose in the K. Rool trailer is supposedly a reference to him. I dunno on this one. He seems a bit too... generic. If they spice it up, then fine, but otherwise, we already have Ryu.

That's all for now. I'll update this journal when we get more info on more characters. Just remember, GOKU DOESN'T BELONG IN SMASH
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Ugh, Why is finding a Dusk Stone in Gen 6 so stupid? I don't want to go through the Super Training, but it's looking more and more like it's the only way I'm gonna get one in ORAS
Is there by any chance a way to block an entire word on Youtube from ever entering my feed? I'd like to stop seeing videos about so-called "Leaks" and saying I'm not interested doesn't seem good enough.

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Maki Kino: 3.39:Maki Kino:100:251:199:323:232:24:0:2:145:102:96:F75420
Maki Kino Alt: 3.39:Maki Kino (Alt):100:251:199:261:243:24:10:2:145:102:96:F75420

Kagome: 3.39:Kagome:100:296:149:306:239:9:0:11:0:0:62:4F83E3
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Empowered Megumi Alt: 3.39:megumi (Adult alt):100:200:223:263:140:17:15:51:0:106:62:771200
Misao: 3.39:misao:100:197:158:121:113:2:101:2:0:107:0:FF3E3E
misao Alt: 3.39:misao (Alt):100:282:158:126:120:14:0:2:0:107:0:FF3E3E

Mihama Group
Kuroi: 3.4:Kuroi:100:0:252:178:168:4:1:1:0:1:0:003D0A:FFF1DD:0
Joy: 3.4:Joy (AU):100:125:191:234:271:7:15:1:0:0:0:2F2F2F:FFF1DD:0
Makoto: 3.39:makoto:100:190:122:310:244:63:0:0:0:0:69:FFFF00
Hanabi: 3.4:hanabi:100:214:141:315:119:13:0:1:0:126:0:B04082:FFF8D4:0
Camilla: 3.4:camilla:100:240:243:132:238:34:15:1:0:102:0:5AFE54:FFF1DD:0
Hotaru: 3.4:Hotaru:100:125:237:313:127:37:0:1:0:8:0:FF986B:FFF1DD:0
Ray: 3.4:ray:100:0:281:347:168:54:1:2:0:0:0:976B27:C18B42:0
Shiina: 3.4:Shiina:100:119:265:32:281:27:0:36:0:147:80:EB4F7F:FFF1DD:0
Noboru: 3.4:Noboru:100:205:156:235:145:52:0:2:0:0:0:251D16:FFF1DD:0
Mao: 3.4:Mao:100:79:248:295:107:106:0:51:0:72:0:41FF88:FFF1DD:0

Western Journey Group
Dao Xin: 3.39:dao xin:100:317:226:206:126:96:0:1:0:18:0:399A70
Sakaki: 3.39:Sakaki:100:299:233:221:119:2:1:1:73:0:0:91593C
Chieko: 3.39:Chieko:100:318:177:353:196:21:0:2:0:0:98:FFA1A1
Sousuke: 3.39:Sousuke:100:0:281:230:196:8:1:2:0:0:0:333345

Tokimi: 3.39:tokimi:100:154:171:213:158:89:1:1:86:6:93:FF0000
Tokimi Alt: 3.39:tokimi (Alt):100:330:171:347:268:89:1:1:86:6:93:FF0000
Akira; 3.39:akira:100:339:235:216:139:104:1:2:104:0:133:86553C
Genie Councilman Washi: 3.39:Washi:100:271:277:361:184:9:10:2:0:0:0:EB8AB0
Mitsuki's Alt: 3.39:Mitsuki (Alt):100:215:201:291:261:89:15:1:0:16:0:101010
Tenshi's dog Rover: 3.39:rover:100:344:214:179:275:25:0:1:0:105:0:422011
Etsuko: 3.39:etsuko:100:206:116:208:171:104:10:22:98:128:0:181823
Mistuki: 3.39:Mitsuki:100:194:201:245:120:89:15:1:98:16:113:101010
Jiro: 3.39:Jiro:100:283:253:243:191:44:21:2:0:0:0:B6A07B
Suki: 3.39:suki:64:294:206:267:189:66:15:1:0:93:0:B4A382
Shahei: 3.39:shahei:100:228:128:312:210:3:0:2:21:137:0:88E456
Shahei Casual: 3.39:shahei (Alt outfit):100:309:128:322:235:3:0:2:0:0:0:88E456
Shizue the Samoyed: 3.4:shizue:100:229:196:203:155:90:23:1:0:37:69:E8E8F4:FFF1DD:0
Izumi: 3.4:Izumi:100:114:223:191:117:5:21:2:0:8:75:111711:FFF1DD:0

Suzuki Family
Jiro: 3.39:Jiro:100:283:253:243:191:44:21:2:0:0:0:B6A07B
Suki: 3.4:suki:75:294:206:267:189:66:15:1:0:93:0:B4A382:FFF1DD:0
Shinsuke: 3.4:shinsuke:100:179:281:221:145:91:0:0:0:1:0:B4A382:FFF1DD:0
Naomi: 3.4:naomi:100:58:244:170:228:41:0:2:0:0:0:4FAD00:FFF1DD:0

Elemental Crew
Kirie: 3.39:Kirie:100:200:133:237:153:36:0:41:0:0:0:B524FD
Ginko: 3.39:ginko:100:282:284:357:279:3:0:1:0:34:0:531300
Shiho: 3.39:Shiho:100:204:135:340:232:76:5:1:0:0:138:DE1003
Umeko: 3.4:Umeko:100:270:114:182:270:34:0:1:0:155:0:12F7B4:8A9EFF:0

Shigeru: 3.4:shigeru:100:0:281:361:248:25:54:1:75:0:0:7D3B34:FFF1DD:0
Lunarian Getsurou: 3.39:Getsurou:100:210:148:340:170:63:4:1:0:0:0:DDDCFF
Yama Getsurou: 3.39:bob:100:144:194:147:141:28:0:0:0:0:0:785500
Suigetsu: 3.39:Suigetsu:100:196:235:216:171:99:1:2:128:0:96:00A58E
Han Young-il (Cq's): 3.39:Han Young-Il:100:0:230:244:204:25:68:80:107:120:0:7B0000
Otoha: 3.4:otoha:100:293:115:295:271:8:99:2:0:0:104:43441E:FFF1DD:0

AU designs
AU Misao: 3.4:misao (AU):100:309:158:261:113:2:21:1:0:107:0:FF3E3E:FFF1DD:0
AU Megumi: 3.4:megumi (AU):60:130:223:354:171:17:0:1:0:0:51:771200:FFF1DD:0
AU Jill: 3.4:jill (AU):100:348:214:288:187:94:15:1:0:0:0:FFCA1A:FFF1DD:0
AU Holly: 3.4:holly (AU):100:349:275:149:209:25:15:13:0:48:0:FFFFFF:FFF1DD:0
AU Haten: 3.4:haten (AU):100:308:236:232:0:62:15:1:0:0:126:569FF7:FFF1DD:0
AU Dao Xin: 3.4:dao xin (Civilian):100:317:226:299:219:96:0:1:0:113:0:399A70:FFF1DD:0
AU Naoru: 3.4:Naoru (AU):100:133:236:179:163:24:28:9:0:0:118:BF4070:FFF1DD:0
AU Kirie: 3.4:Kirie (AU):100:289:133:292:237:36:0:41:0:0:0:B524FD:FFF1DD:0
AU Asami: 3.4:Asami (AU):95:120:280:118:140:9:0:1:0:134:5:68A2FF:FFF1DD:0
AU Keiko: 3.4:Xiao Mei (AU):100:205:286:358:255:125:0:1:0:129:0:171616:FFF1DD:0
AU Ayane: 3.4:ayane (Au):60:130:196:277:219:17:15:51:0:1:51:FF0058:FFF1DD:0
AU Miyu: 3.4:miyu (AU):65:223:157:341:183:3:12:2:0:70:0:FFEB59:FFF1DD:0
AU Shahei: 3.4:shahei (AU):100:242:128:274:171:3:0:2:21:137:0:88E456:FFF1DD:0
AU Chiaki: 3.4:Chiaki (AU):100:129:269:305:160:11:0:1:0:106:0:491200:FFF1DD:0
AU Kagome: 3.4:Kagome (AU):100:170:149:219:147:9:0:11:0:1:61:4F83E3:FFF1DD:0
AU Akiko: 3.4:Akiko (AU):100:134:259:211:226:85:0:0:0:0:61:0083FF:FFF1DD:0
AU Etsuko: 3.4:etsuko (AU):100:206:116:155:171:104:1:2:98:56:0:181823:FFF1DD:0
AU Sanaki: 3.4:sanaki (AU):100:24:264:171:265:75:15:1:90:22:0:FF1E32:FFF1DD:0


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