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The Coming of the Towers page 16 :sans lettering:

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© 2015 - 2020 saganich
Page 16 (without lettering) from MotU/PoP: The Coming of the Towers.
Final lettered page can ebe seen here:

script by Franco :iconm3gr1ml0ck:
everything else by me :iconsaganich:

- aquarelle paper, A3 size
- classic watercolours (saturated, with relatively little liquid), round brushes sizes 1, 4 and 8 + watercolour pencils (both wet and dry)
- white tempera for coverage & lightening
- non-soluble red, brown and cyan coloured pencils for edge refinement after colouring, + neon green one for the laser
- additional touches with an H pencil for sharpening stuff where needed, and white correction fluid for stars & highlights on Angella's wings

Pencils for this can be seen here:
...and the next page here:


 When Franco presented the script to me, I kinda saw this particular page being done in a manner of some religious painting, composition- and performance-wise...complete with an elaborate frame around (but I ditched that part at some point, it would have been too much :)
Since I've been experimenting with different styles and techniques lately, as a part of research for a (potential) future comic-project of mine, and everything potentially unorthodox instantly hypes me up, I decided to jump on board, skip the 'classic' comic page process, and do precisely that stated above. :D
I wanted to test my watercolouring abilities, simply to see how far I can go, and on a concrete task. Beats idle aimless doodling 100 times over, if you ask me....
After that, I could reduce it as needed.....

From my experience, watercolours and scanners don't like each other much, and my many attempts of scanning this turned out to be total flukes, nothing like the real thing.
Because of that, a massive 'thank you' goes out to my pal Mario, who, with his pro-grade equipment and huge knowledge in graphics software, made this image look exactly as it is on paper. for the laser blast on panel 4 - scanners and copiers simply don't pick up anything neon, that's the way things are. Here's how that bit looks when photographed - -  but taking a photo of the whole thing was not a good solution, since many little details get lost and sharpness is greatly reduced.
Achieving that neon from paper during processing without severely screwing up something else (we tried) was simply impossible.
...but it doesn't matter. That one's on me, for making poor choices during production. :)


This is it, this point in time and space, this is as far as my doodlin' abilities go.
...but I'm not complaining ;p
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Great art!
JoeTeanby's avatar
Absolutely stunning work! So much detail and the colours look gorgeous.
It really does look like some sort of religious stained glass window. Beautiful!!
saganich's avatar
Cheers for faving and for your kind words, sir!
Supremely happy with how it turned out........and with me, that happens so rarely, I can count such pieces on fingers of one hand.... :nod:
JoeTeanby's avatar
Such a good feeling! And it really is amazing. One of my favourite pieces I've seen for ages.
Sword-of-Grayskull's avatar
Excellent painting!
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Thank you! :beer:
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theZakonStudent General Artist
pa super si to odradia! pozadina ti je osobito super! 
negooo... otkria sam jučer novog comic book artista... massimo carnevale... kaveri za stripove su mu BOLESNI! a radi tradišinl medijima... akvarel plus bojice... baci očadu na kavere za y - the last man... JE BE NO! 
saganich's avatar

Kao i svaki pravi nogometash, dao sam na ovom svojih 110%..... :)
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theZakonStudent General Artist
jašta bola jašta!
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maxspider72 Traditional Artist
Very impressive! The background and scenery is beautiful and the detail you put into it is amazing!
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Much obliged, kind stranger! :ahoy:
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JZLoboHobbyist Writer
Wow, you've been busy.
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Yeah......had to let go of some steam before hell broke loose.
In style.

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Wow!  Great looking page, nicely painted.  Its not fen we're treated to comics coloured with traditional watercolours.  I'm looking forward to reading the finished article.
saganich's avatar
I can imagine why, it's a very laborious process...

Doing (min.) 44 pages of this for some rounded-off French/Belgian style comic album would make sense.....but for maintaining an ongoing series, no way.
Much too demanding.
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That would be one masterpiece of a comic though ;)
saganich's avatar
The farthest I went in that direction is this thing here:… .
Only 5 pages, but it was so intense and time-consuming, man....but I was so happy seeing it materialize that I loved every minute spent on it, and felt that it truly was worth all the trouble.
You know the feeling, I presume. :)

If someone would take the world off my back and fund me for a year or so, I'd more than gladly produce a full painted album.... :D
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Just finished reading it.  You've done a great job with.  I can only the amount of effort you must've put in.
saganich's avatar
I can see,, thank you so much for a bunch of faves!
hellbat's avatar
No worries, they're well deserved ;)
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