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Grandpa Blast

concept for General Rio Blast (old version of Rio Blast from the future, yes), for a Princess of Power fan-comic series by

:iconm3gr1ml0ck: and  :iconjoeteanby:

Check their stuff out here:…

Drew this while being sick as a dog, on a pad on my I guess it could've been better. Happy with it nonetheless :)
This is the first time that I've ever used those water-soluble coloured pencils, and I gotta say - those are some tricky little bastards!
I think I've learned quite a bit here...10% of which goes to "how to do it" and 90% to "how NOT to do it".
Just as usual. :D

useless info ahead:

The arm-cannon-thing is based on something I did to my vintage Man-At-Arms figure, back in the day when he was far from being 'vintage'...

Namely, his left hand got completely chewed - I have no idea who did it or why - it looked gross, all stretched and flat and totally 2-D, as if someone had slammed it with a mallet in a gag cartoon. I sliced it off at the wrist, encased the stump within a carved rubber eraser, grafted a (kid-scaled) toy space-gun onto that, upside down, and painted the juncture over so it matched the gun's colours.
The bayonet was an unrelated piece of plastic wedged between a pair of (slightly trimmed) screw-posts on top of the muzzle, and the pincer-thing is actually a folding gun handle. .
Poor ol' Duncan had some difficulties standing up, but man.....he looked SO badass that all my friends wanted him! :#1:
Several decades have passed since then, but I think that this above looks quite accurate to the actual thing.

I still have that Man-At-Arms, proudly standing on my bookshelf in full gear and perfect condition.
I got him a new left arm, though. :)
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it's even more awesome that you're among the living! :la:
So great to hear from you!!!
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Life has been...less fun and more aggravating as of late. I'm sorry that I've been such a phantom, man. 
saganich's avatar sorry to hear that... :(

If you ever need to talk about that aggravating stuff, well.....feel free to sling me a note or an email.
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ajme ajme kako sam mrzia ovog "mastersa"... ahhahhaha 
a što je najgore ima sam ga hahaha
no nikad se nisam igra s njim... 
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a zasto je jadan u navodnicima kao masters? :o

imas li ga jos, kojim sluchajem..?
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navodnici čisto radi kroatizacije naziva brenda haha

hmmmmm ako i imam, u lošem je stanju... fale mu djelovi and stuf...
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One man army - cool!  I'm guessing he don't do much typing. Great job with those colours.
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Well, it looks like the old boy's still got plenty of fight left in him yet ;)
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It looks absolutely awesome!
This dude has so much character. i love how you coloured it and the design has so much thought put into the weaponry. That gun-arm bayonet grenade launcher thing is so badass! :)
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Thanks so much! :ahoy:

Not entirely happy with the colours, I think I should have gone with some different technique for that....but since it was my 1st time, I shall be gentle on myself :)
I've seen people do insane wonders with these water-soluble coloured pencils...... I think I've learned enough on this to give them another shot. I still don't know what to do and how to transfer  the 'vision' down on paper, but now I think I know what not to do.
That's a start, heh!
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