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Get a Life 6 - page 5 :inks:



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As the first part of our 'summer special', here are the inks for

Get A Life 6 - I Giganti di Prama (parte 1)
('The Giants of Prama (part 1)')

the sixth installment of our monthly club comic for
A.Mys (associazione mystère): Associazione Culturale Nipoti di Martin Mystère ,
the official fan club of Martin Mystère, Detective of the Impossible!

Supervision by Luca
Story and script by Franco AKA ~M3Gr1ml0ck
'Art' by me. :D

Naturally, Martin Mystère (and everything related) belongs to Sergio Bonelli Editore S.p.A.

'The Giants of Monte Prama' (as they are known) are fragmented stone statues incidentally found in a farmland in central-western Sardinia in 1974.
Dating back to the long-gone Nuragic civilization with their date of origin estimated between 8th and 10th century BC, they're some of the most ancient anthropomorphic statues of the entire Mediterranean region, right after the Egyptian ones.

What long-forgotten secrets do they hold?
What ancient forces are Diana and Vincent up against...?

You may find out if you happen to speak Italian (which I technically don't, but I like to think I understand quite a bit) and check the finished page lettered by Franco, along with all the necessary info:

The script was, once again, in Italian. One's never too old to learn! :nod:

Follow this and further episodes of 'Get a Life' at :iconmartin-mystere:
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