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ide tebi i taj digital. :aww:
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bejbi steps... :aww:
Woodeedoo's avatar
bice i od tebe nesto. :pat:
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Such an awesome image. Love the webbed hand. Must be an aquatic creature but trying on the divers helmet out of curiosity? Thought provoking as well as an incredible piece.
saganich's avatar
Precisely that, yes...and looking upward toward the surface (althouth that didn't come through too well)

Thanks for the kind words!
This is my 1st attempt at 'serious' digital colours (drawn and mouse-coloured in the office, to boot), so many flaws to work on.
For starters, I need to somehow find a 'truce' between the lines and colours.
They're fighting here, and I don't like that.

Baby steps. :)
theZakon's avatar
fora ideja i dizajn... definitivno atmosferično...
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malko nesh novo da probam :)
zanimljiv proces, definitivno ce biti jos izleta. I motivira za nabavku tableta....

Fala Im na fejvanjima!
theZakon's avatar
hehehe još malo pa ćemo se izjašnjavati ka "inker\digital colorist"...
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
Wow, it feels like something out of Moebius' works!
saganich's avatar
Another dead day at work, yes.

...and...are you serious?!
That has got to be the biggest compliment I can imagine.

You have no idea how much this made my (since it's 2AM, already dying) day.
Thanks so much!

Now I go to sleep as a happy man :)
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digital Colors?
saganich's avatar

I imagine that would be a lot easier with a tablet....
Clu-art's avatar
probably,but there aremasters out here who only uses the mouse
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