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Rose 01 - Stock pack + brushes



Just click download if you want it. :D

Please credit if you use any of it.

Free for all uses.

The pack contains the original image (photo of the rose), a modified version (which you should be able to toss into stuff as is if you're in a hurry), and the PS brush set of them. ^^/

You need Photoshop to use the brushes (CS2, I don't know if it works on older ones. :S)
And the images are saved in PSD format too, so you need either Photoshop or SAI or PS Elements or some other software that opens PSD files. ^^/

It's entirely made from scratch, and when I say entirely, I mean I planted and grew that rose from scratch, then when she/he grew up and flowered, I took pics of her/him, then played with it on PS and made a set. XD;;
So yeah, it's my baby rose, she/he finally grew up and produced stock. X3 *lol*

For the ones of you who follow my blog, that's Aidou. XD (The rose I named after Aidou, I mean. XD)
He flowers beautifully right next to my Kaname rose. X3

*will post pics of the rest of the planties in the blog when she finds time, sometime* X3 Luca too, has gorgeous flowers.

Enjoy~! :D :heart:
I hope it can be useful to you in some way. :heart:
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Gorgeous!  Thank you