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Random bat brushes



Bat brushes for Photoshop. Toss some into your BGs if you feel like it.

Only one rule to use this stock:

If you use it, on DA or elsewhere, wherever you post a pic with it, you MUST also post a link to this post.

(That way, anyone else wanting to use bats can get them too. ^^/)

Click the download button to get the brushset, if you'd like it.
Works on Photoshop CS2, can't guarantee it works elsewhere, sorry.

Embarrassingly, no matter how much VK fanart I have drawn, it turns out it's a different manga series that made me want to draw bats... (Because there's not thaat much bat activity in VK, most of the time. XD; )

Credit: The manga Vassalord, because I've been practicing drawing bats from it all night, and as a result those are heavily Vassalord-y bats. ORZ ORZ

It's a very sexy manga, but whenever I read it, I feel I'm reading a Zero x Kaname fanfic. Seriously. XD; (Which is of course a wonderful thing.)
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thank you for this will make my Red hood cosplay edit look really cool