Unknown Manga Artists

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A tribute to the unnoticed manga/anime styled artists on DA. Next News Article will be General Digital Artists so don't forget to suggest some people for me! (example would be emmil )

1) :iconkage-ookami4: - I was just searching DA and came across her page, and it kind of prompted me to get my ass in gear and do this.
KAPOW by kage-ookami4
Profile: The Basics Revisited by kage-ookami4
Durem Girls by kage-ookami4

2) :iconfallen-reason: - Yes she's already been featured, but I made an error plus she has another piece of se-- art...
. Commission + Saga-kupo . by fallen-reason - And that's it :D
. Royalty + Original . by fallen-reason
. Original + Can't stop us . by fallen-reason

3) :icont-ucker: Yet again, in the last one, but oh well :D

4) :iconleaf-oneechan: -

5) :iconrueme: -

6) :iconpuredecorum: -

7) :iconzahhomii: -

8) :icongabbi: -

9) :iconbersi-chan: -
Gokudera... chan? by Bersi-Chan
Kurogane - Shaoran by Bersi-Chan
Gokudera by Bersi-Chan

10) :iconkiarona91: -
Teotocchi's Dark by Kiarona91
Pink Yoko by Kiarona91
The Water Dragon by Kiarona91

11) :iconcleera: -
Spirit Of water by Cleera
Akito-Air Gear by Cleera
Mizar by Cleera

12) :iconallcor: -
Fraternal Twins by Allcor
.TOGETHER. by Allcor
Of Wings and Fangs by Allcor - I know it isn't 'manga/anime' really, but it caught my eye.

13) :iconmisuteru: -

14) :iconpsychozeka: -
oh boy... by psychoZeka
Nightbath by psychoZeka
superduperkiss...xD by psychoZeka

15) :icondogfei: -
Knife by DogFei
smoky by DogFei
Yuming Lai by DogFei

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thanks for the feature :D
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Wow, such amazing artists! I loved each and every one that was featured! Amazing picks, maybe mak a sequel to get even more unknown artists some much deserved attention?
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Yeah iwill /saga-kupo switched accounts/ I just need people to suggest for me etc ^-^ because I go through friends of friends, so similar styles will pop up and I think three people here are actually best friends so... xD glad you like it though :P
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xD Of course, it was an awesome list you put together! x3
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Hehe thanks very much!!
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OMG so cool! :excited: Thanks for showing this out! :nod:
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Hehe thanks! /switched accounts/ and you're welcome!! :D
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LMAOO!!!!!!!! thanks for featuring miiiiiineeee XDDD
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You're very welcome!! You deserved it :D /switched accounts/
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Thank you so much!!! :hug:
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Hehe you're welcome /switched accounts/ :D
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Thanks :) /switched accounts/
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thanks for featuring me
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You're welcome!! ^-^
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Thank you for the feature!!! :hug:
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Very welcome :icongwomp: /switched accounts/
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thank you so much for d feature ^^
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You're very welcome hehe ^-^ <3 /switched accounts/
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Thank you so much!! I really wasn't expecting that :'D
Nice article.
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You're very welcome!! Hehe well, you're a good manga artist with a kind of unique style <3 ^-^
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Thankyou! *u*
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