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Well look, using a mix of Paint tool SAI and PSE8 I managed to finally colour this! And add a festive winter background, despite that whole NO SNOW thingy.

L'anyways, it's me :D

I even tried to attempt shading. And failed. If anyone has any pointers...SHARE PLOX :3

And don't tell me how the anatomy is, because I see how it's slightly disproportionate :p

I used a brush set, found here: [link] for the purdy snowflakes :3

They were fun to use. L'anyways, Happy Holidays all!
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As far as shading goes, you've gotta decide how you wanna shade it. If you wanna go for cel shading, [link] might help you out (it should work for PSE). Personally, I like to put my colors all on separate layers and shade with the layer's transparency locked (and just go over the areas I wanna shade with a darker color of what I'm shading). For more of a soft shading, [link] might be helpful.

As far as your anatomy goes, you might want to study both the human figure and anime-ish figures (if anime-ish is the style you're going for) to get more of a feel for the anatomy of both REAL people and how anime/manga artists manipulate the human anatomy. Likewise goes to the folds in the clothing. :)

If you have a tablet, setting the brush settings so that the pen pressure affects line weight helps make your lines taper, which helps in making things like the folds less bulky and more flowing. Messing with the spacing of the brush helps smooth out your lines and prevents choppiness (I like setting my brush spacing at 1%, but sometimes it can lag on slower computers).

But the best thing to do is to play around with the programs yourself and see what works best for you. :la: Experimentation is awesome!
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Thanks! I'll check those out!
I suppose it is Anime-ish, the friend who's teaching me how to draw draws like that. I've always loved the style!
Experimentation may work too! And I'll study anatomy, that'll help a lot too.

Thanks again :D
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