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Hello there! My name is Saftkeur, and I am a fantasy/fetish artist.

The contents you'll find here span a few subjects and a few styles, but primarily the focus is upon 3D rendered images with themes of vorarephilia, macrophilia, and oral fixation (tongues and mouths particularly). If fetish and kink content is uncomfortable for you, I just ask that you turn away now. But if you're interested, or even just curious... Welcome!

I love to tell stories with both imagery and text, mostly centered around the fantasy realm of Paeratopa in which all of my characters reside. There is no death in Paeratopa, as even those who are consumed simply return to life in the span of a few days, so there's no need for discomfort if some of the scenarios you see here seem a little morbid.

Don't hesitate to ask me questions if you're at all curious, I love to talk about my interests and creations!


Want to help support me and my work? Even the smallest of donations is a great help!

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Tools of the Trade
DAZ|Studio 4.12, Blender 2.8, Photoshop CS5, Procreate
Heya! Sorry for the lack of activity recently, I've been pretty swamped juggling art + jobs + other IRL stuff. There's some new posts up on the P site though, including a bunch that have unlocked for public already, I just haven't had time to properly post them elsewhere yet!
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Hello everyone! Not the best of times lately, but not the worst, either. I'll start things off with the crummy news: my Pixiv account has been hit with a suspension, due I can only assume to my most recent upload, though the criteria could apply to half my gallery (their guideline disallowing "images that could be mistaken for real-life"). Something I obviously intend to contest, but I'm also not holding my breath for it; even if it does get reverted, the fact remains that it's yet another site I need to be wary of my posts on. Which has been a recurring theme lately >.< Artists in these sorts of spaces have been under "Damocles Sword" as Karbo put it not long ago. That feeling of the sword hanging over your head on every platform, knowing at any moment you might get banned for the slightest thing. Which is where the changes come in, as I realize more and more that it's just... stressful trying to deal with all of this stuff, for little gain. Why am I chasing follower counts on
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Holiday heads-up: Redbubble is having a 20-60% off sale today, and up to 40% off for the upcoming week as well, so if you're interested in snagging one of my prints or anything, now's a good time to get something! My old "squishy showoffs" series of prints is available there, along with some newer stuff too. I recommend the Small Photographic Print for those ones, they're pretty cheap and the squishy showoff pictures especially look fun in a frame :D
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Hi! I'm looking for topics and contect suggestions for my vore documentary. If you hwant to share some ideas, I'd be grateful to hear them Please, DM for details

Your art is amazing.

Just a question, have you thought about doing animations too?

Anyways, keep up the good work.

I'm glad you like it!

I've been experimenting with animating a bit, it's still a bit too much for me to render anything yet. But maybe in the future it'll be something I can explore more ^^

quick question: How do you do the saliva effect in daz?

I don't! I paint the saliva in after I render the pictures (usually in Photoshop). Though DAZ has good water shaders if you have saliva props, but I don't like the way they end up looking.

Ah i see. I'm curious cause wanna try that for a gts piece! Thanks for the tips, dude!

I hope you don’t mind me watching you and favoriting your pictures. Please don’t block me