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Jemma - Valentine treat by Saftkeur
Mature content
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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Hello there! My name is Saftkeur, and I am a fantasy/fetish artist.

The contents you'll find here span a few subjects and a few styles, but primarily the focus is upon 3D rendered images with themes of vorarephilia, macrophilia, and oral fixation (tongues and mouths particularly). If fetish and kink content is uncomfortable for you, I just ask that you turn away now. But if you're interested, or even just curious... welcome!

I love to tell stories with both imagery and text, mostly centered around the fantasy realm of Paeratopa in which all of my characters reside. There is no death in Paeratopa, as even those who are consumed simply return to life in the span of a few days, so there's no need for discomfort if some of the scenarios you see here seem a little morbid. :aww:
Don't hesitate to ask me questions if you're at all curious, I love to talk about my interests and creations!

They/Them pronouns preferred!

Want to help support me and my work? Even the smallest of donations is a great help!
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It's been a fun-

...Oh, is 2018 gone already? Nevermind then, fuck that year. 2018 absolutely sucked.

And you know, that's fine. Not every year has to outdo the last. Good things happened in 2018! I'm happy to have come through it! But a lot of it was just awful. 2018 was rough, a year filled with tension and negativity, politics going haywire. Entire websites shutting subsets of creators out, life simply getting harder for so many people who deserve far better.

Needless to say, I am really looking forward to 2019 as a fresh slate, a fresh set of opportunities. It may be just a symbolic changing of the calendars, a solstace's passing, but that symbolic stuff still matters. It's nice to be able to say "yesterday was yesterday, and today is going to be great."

I'm eager to get started.


With that said, it wouldn't be fair to completely ignore those good things that happened in 2018. I struggled with my work, but what fewer things I did finish, I feel I can be happy with. New business opportunities opened up; my work with OHTNYC has gone well, and I'm eagerly awaiting the fashion line's release sometime this year, to see my work being worn by others! I made the investment into an iPad Pro, a device I'm still getting acclimated to but already gaining so much more motivation to sit and draw and paint like I used to. And there's so much more I'm forgetting to say, things that honestly went so so well.

But eyes forward... I'm excited to try and tackle things anew. You'll see more drawings start getting mixed-in with the 3D work, ideas I've wanted to create but struggled to achieve with other mediums. More writing, as well; I have too much unfinished work that I really want to put out there for others to read and enjoy. And of course I want to push further with my 3D work, maybe loosening up a bit so I can produce more and stress over details less, but also step up my game and work on some more advanced content as well.

I haven't much else to add or say, if I'm honest. But that's okay too. There's still a lot to figure out, a lot to do and catch up on and start fresh. I'll be finding new (and old) things to post soon enough, here and elsewhere, so I hope you're all looking forward to it as I am!

And most importantly: Thank you, thank you everyone who's come along for this ride, or hopped on along the way, or even is just now finding it all. Everyone who's supported me on Patreon, who's left nice comments, or just added things to their favorites/likes/bookmarks. Everyone who's chatted with me about this stuff, this weird weird stuff that years ago I would have laughed to even imagine posting online. The internet is wonderful and all of you are wonderful, thank you. <3


Commission-sheet-small-2019-limited by SaftkeurTentatively opening a few (very limited) commission slots! I'm easing back into it all and some priority slots are already taken, but I should have room for 1-2 more in this initial batch.

Info on Patreon:
And contact information:
Valerie-(2up) by SaftkeurAnother new character finished :meow: Something a little different this time, Valerie is a human and a pred! A merchant/investor/businesswoman in Paeratopa, she's risen to wealth and status, and as a result she's developed a keen interest in the consumption of others as a luxury. A, the delight of convincing others to be eaten by her for a moderate sum of money...

Patreon link as usual for her public post! And likewise with a profile page soon to come on my site's character list.
Sanae-(2up) by SaftkeurIt's new character time again! I've been doing a bunch this year already. This one is Sanae; friendly, accommodating, loves indulging others just as much as she loves to indulge herself. What's more sweet than a happy prey?

Same as always! Patreon post and I'll try and put up a profile page for her later, on my site's character list.
Just a bit of curiosity! I'd appreciate any votes or feedback, whether you're a patron of mine or just a follower.
Zoey-(2up) by SaftkeurThis one's going up a lil' late, but here we have the second half to yesterday's Alice! From A to Z, this is Zoey, a Paeran succubus and generally fun-loving teaser and consumer of cute tiny humans. :meow: She's a big fan of sharing treats with her companion Alice, and she's not a big fan of wearing pants.

Fun fact: Zoey is another remake, of a character who used to be named... Alice! You can perhaps also gather now what prompted me to pair these two remade characters together.

As usual, Patreon post and hub site profile. I'll try to flesh out the latter when time allows! :aww:


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MMDemon Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sorry to bother you, but may i ask what program you create your characters with.
Saftkeur Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Ah hello! I use DAZ Studio, and the characters are based on the Victoria 4 model base as a bit of extra info. :D The rest is done in Photoshop and occasionally Blender.
MMDemon Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, Thank you X3
Although I feel that Valerie is a relatively tame example of this, if even, I fear that you're starting towards making intentionally cruel characters who repeatedly ingest and revive victims, dangle them above their orifices, etc. simply due to their taking pleasure in their victims' misfortune and also could coerce victims, through money or otherwise, into undergoing this torture. I know you're a relative anomaly within this community due to your characters not having wicked or otherwise negative intentions, but I'm hoping this doesn't happen anytime soon.
Saftkeur Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
I'm not entirely sure what you're aiming to say/ask here, but I don't intend on making characters that are cruel for the joy of being cruel, it's not an interest of mine. I can't promise my tastes will never change - people grow, interests come and go - but I can at least say I don't see it happening anytime soon, and my current characters are all rooted in non-maliciousness.
Lolkingofthehill Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2019
Good. I just wish the same could be said for the rest of this community.

On an unrelated note, are you going to do anything with Alice and Zoey anytime soon? Also, is Zoey the end result of the "Saliva Succubus" design?
Saftkeur Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
:aww: Different strokes for different folks, you know? There's plenty of gentle lovers, and cruel lovers, and even more in-between. Yes, it can be frustrating when someone has a style I like but not content I like, but that just means it's not for me anyway.

In any case! Not quite, Zoey is based on a different concept, that saliva succubus design is in a near-finished state but got held up due to some technical challenges. I haven't got plans for Alice and Zoey content yet but I'm sure I will in the future.
MRGunn-Art Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2019  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the favorite!
Saftkeur Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
No need to thank me :meow: But you're very welcome!
BacTheWarrior Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2019
Your models are all adults right? Are they supposed to look young?
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