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Hey folks,

Gallery Cleanup | So, after a long time of absence (again), I decided my deviantart gallery needs some attention. Which means for one that I'm planning on uploading new stuff occasionally, but I'm also going to remove a lot of the artworks that have either been practices, icons or that I'm not content with any longer. So, if there's anything that you want to keep, I'd kindly ask you to save it but not upload it elsewhere. DDs and 100+ favs will stay for sure though.

Commissions | Maybe you've noticed, maybe not, but my core membership is gone. Oh noes! :noes: Anyway, in order to get it back, I'll open a commission slot (yup, only one at a time, I don't like getting behind on things). Price it 1200 points/a 3 months core membership, I don't care if you give me one or the other, since both works :D. If you're interested in commissioning me, please post a comment below by filling out this form:

Topic: [for example the OC that you want to have a manip of]
Medium: [I'd assume you want a photomanip but well, if not, state here]
Comments: [any special wishes can be placed here, like "I want my unicorn to fight a lion!" or whatever you have in mind]
Final Notes: [want to give this someone for their birthday? Have any final requests? State here]
It is NOT first come, first serve. I'll decide based on a number of criterias (like, did you already get art from me in the past? What's the potential of the commission? What's in the final note? ...). If you don't get the slot in the first round, don't worry, I might do another one, depending on my artistic flow. (;

That being said - how have you guys been doing? What has happened on dA? I assume I missed a lot, tell me your stories! :love:
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5 min read
So I'm offering a human portrait commission slot. I really have to start drawing again. My muse has been a lazy ass lately.

Price: 1200 points

Style: pick as you wish
Alive by saftkeks13  Young and Reckless by saftkeks13     <da:thumb id="607030716"/> 

Mature Content

Hugging A Butterfly by saftkeks13

realistic or messy&colorful

Just comment below with character, references, face claims, wanted accessories and style wish. I'll pick one based on where my muse says "yes, I think I can do that!" ^^;

[If you don't get picked, don't worry too much. It's probably not the last time I'm doing this ;)]

:heart:, Saftkeks

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I'm opening a commission auction for my friend Deltapotamus. She's in trouble right now, if you haven't seen it, check her journal. So this is how it goes:
> Starting bid is 40$.
> Every bid should be raised by 5$ at least. Please reply to the bidder before you.
> I'll close the auction when bidding stops.
> Whoever buys the manip will transfer the money straight to her, no need to go the long way over me.

This is a one-time-only-chance, as I'm not really into offering manips for real money. But hey, anything that helps! <3
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9 min read

© Copyright 2010 Journal Skin by Airamneleb

In German, there's a term: Herzblut. It translates to heartblood. Putting your heartblood into something means that it's something that you made with a lot of emotion, effort and ambition. You put blood, sweat and tears into it. You believed in it. You're convinced that it's the most amazing thing you've ever created. And, let's be honest, when you create something you're really proud of, you want other people to notice it. You can repeat "I create art for myself" or "The way is the goal" as often as you wish, but - I can only speak for myself but I'm sure others can relate - deep inside you want that other people love the outcome as much as you do.

It sucks if they don't.

It doesn't matter what's the reason why your art isn't loved as much as you thought it would be, let's not talk about that right now. Let's just spread some love! <3

Thanks to everyone submitting their art and stories to this feature! :heart:

[I might do this again, so if you like you can be a part of it, too. Just send me a note.]

It seems as though every artist feels like some of their pieces don't get as much attention as they had thought they would! I know with my most recent piece I was SO happy with it and thought it was going to get a lot of favs and comments (moreso than some of my other resents) but it didn't and its like ughhh cause you are finally really happy with a piece and then don't get the expected reaction from your viewers :/
Cybele by cevourii

I made this in 2015 and I just adore it. It wasn't a commission or art trade. It was just purely something i created and made for myself. The quote "We Need not Think alike to Love alike" was from Francis Dávid, and I love it. It means alot to me and in my opinion says that just because we think differently or have different beliefs, does not mean that we dont share certain things that we both love or admire. Much like art. :3
Tribal Forgiveness by FINTRON

COMM :: Sanuye by ephemira
This was my first time ever working with a foggy background, and testing out some new brushes, and doing an unnatural "blind?" type of eye, and I really liked the outcome of it. While I'm not really thrilled with the markings since they were suppose to glow, I was actually happy with the overall outcome, because of the few things I did that I hasn't done before.
I know the horn took me several tries until I finally came up with that one lol x'D
Sanuye by ephemira

Leo by Ellessy
This is one of my own favourites but I think it didn't get much love because it's not a horse hahaha. I'm so proud of all the fire manipulating and lighting I did here. It's a time where I actually had a real, definite idea of what I wanted before I started instead of winging it and I love how well it turned out :3
Leo by Ellessy

I honestly did expect him to do better than he did, but even with the lower level of love he received, he means a lot to me and is probably my favorite piece. I have a really hard time coming up with creative ideas because I, oddly enough, cannot visualize in my head whatsoever. I can't.. picture things. At all. Not like I struggle, like I simply can't do it. Because of that, I have a very hard time visualizing manips before I have stock, and a very hard time coming up with unique concepts. I normally have to browse stock until I see some stock that makes me think of something. Likewise, I can't come up with cool designs for horses or figure out random background stocks to blend for a new piece. So, while this piece isn't particularly one-of-a-kind or mind-boggling, for me, it's very creative and it has more interesting aspects to it than most that I do. It also has a hefty amount of pure digital painting in it, which for me is a milestone of achievement, and I'm a huge fan of fire and dragons so I love the mix-up of horse and dragon. It was one of the longest, hardest pieces I did since returning to art in the past 10 months and that makes it feel quite like a rebirth. Symbolic with that fire, perhaps.
Wrath of a Dragon by Ruanly

Erza Scarlet by kaisakuris
She is my favorite character and I put so much effort in that picture.. but I haven´t gotten any comments on it.. :/ I guess maybe the color combinations are a little strange? (I personally like odd color combinations :D) but she has got some faves, so I´m still quite happy :)
I do realize that I have a lot of room still to improve with my skills and it has not been up even that long, but it just made me wonder a little bit, since out of my works it is actually my favorite, even if it might not be the best :)
Erza Scarlet by kaisakuris

And finally, here are my own two cents:
A Liar And A Thief by saftkeks13
I'm not just an equine artist. Before I got hooked up with horses and digital art, I worked with pen/pencil and paper for years. And, let's be honest, I miss it. I'm torn between satisfying myself by drawing/painting what I WANT to and getting all the compliments when I give my watchers what THEY want to see. I'm Gollum and Smeagol. Just a little less evil. ^^'
Sometimes I think that (art-)life without dA would be easier. There'd be more freedom, when you're just painting silently in your room, not thinking about what others might think. There'd be more Gollums, Yodas or my own weird creatures. Ballerinas with swan wings. Skulls in flowers. Birds flying out of guns.
On the other hand, there are so many nice, lovely people here. How could I disappoint them? Inspiring others is all I can ask for.
It's a precious.
...That pun was so bad.
A Liar and A Thief by saftkeks13

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5 and a half entries for my feature. There's still time to enter!

Sorry to bug you again with this...
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