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Where are We? Part 1 by safirediaz Where are We? Part 1 by safirediaz
A short MMD manga-series that I am doing...

Larosin seems extremely angry at Officer Misako for putting off their date for the 738th time in a row... They were standing around a formerly mad-scientist's dusty laboratory. Larosin flicked her cinnamon-brown hair proudly as she glared at the shrunken police-officer. The alien seemed to be only a speck as Larosin smiled a most cruel and rather savage grin: "This is the last time that I will ask you, my beloved Koko! Are we meant to be together?!"

The only reply was a disparaging snort from the serious plant-girl as she tried to bite at her captor's fingers, Larosin is still 27 years old compared to the petite 19 year-old.

"I keep telling you, I am not a male specimen! We are not compatible! In truth, you could say... I hated you for over a lifetime! You killed my best friend, Vixen Foxtrot... Revenge!" Koko demanded accusingly, Larosin payed no attention and smiled as lovehearts would form in her eyes.

"Suit yourself, you're all MINE now... All the things I will now be able to do to you will be... The most wonderful!" A rather psychotic grin alit on Larosin's face evilly... A knock was heard as the smile faltered, "I'll be right back." Koko was stuffed into Larosin's jeans as the other answered the door...

Click here for part 2 - Where are We? Part 2
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November 16, 2014
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