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Vixen Metamorph-Mecha by safirediaz Vixen Metamorph-Mecha by safirediaz
The inspiration for this picture came from the really surreal 'Revolutionary Girl Utena' movie where the heroine Utena transforms into... a pink racing car to help her best-friend Anthy. (to help the lady escape from her brother Akio) o.0

I thought it was an interesting concept of human turning into inanimate object, which hasn't been done much. I liked the idea! hehe. I decided to draw one of my characters transformed into an object that symbolised what they representing. I found out that I hadn't drawn Vixen much, I had drawn a lot more of Misako and Larosin. It was an interesting challenge. ^_^

So I had Vixen Sans Foxtrot partially transformed into a robotic mecha-fox. I hadn't had much experience drawing mechas, but I love the detail. Being a bit of a mecha fan myself, I couldn't help but put in the rounded edges of metal. Notice the detail of the hair and the hands, which show that she's halfway morphed. That looks like one painful transformation sequence.

It's also symbolic of the fact that Vixen as a mecha literally has no 'heart' to speak of, since both her humanity and love was all but taken away. It represents Vixen's instinctual and gradual frozen exterior and also contrasts her fiery feminine beauty she possess in the fanfic. Untouched by emotions, Melkior has the 'key' to release Vixen from her bondage and restore her human form.

Poor Vixen. At least now she can called in 'Metal Gear Solid Vixen' I might put this mecha-Vixen transformation-sequence in the final chapter of my fanfic. Maybe Melkior shall encounter the mecha Vixen accompanied by: "Congrats, Vixen evolved into Metallica-Vixen!"
Nasdreks Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2009  Professional General Artist
you did a very good job with the mechanics
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April 21, 2009
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