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This is me... by safirediaz This is me... by safirediaz
Pretty accurate depiction of me? Meh. (But my nose is pretty BIIIIG IRL...) meeehhh. :P >__<. I'm almost like a 'twin soul'…
Most Like: Saya Kisaragi.
Similar to: The bookworm girl from the music video "Stomach Book"... So beware :P
Nicknames: 'Steph', 'Miracle' and 'Miss Despair'
Thinks herself as 'The Miracle Chemist' (Vocaloid, Kokoro Another Lambda Organ- episode Zero) :P

My theme song would be-… (Red Thread by Hatsune Miku)

And I look slightly like Saya Kisaragi, except with a horse-like face and a biiig nose in 'real life', oh, and did I mention my huge and crooked teeth xD If I was transformed I'd be a Diamond Python (…)

My Jedi Master tells you:
"When you have understanding, your Force will guide your life. If you choose the quick and reckless path, you will soon become an Agent of hatred. Look not to your spirit, but do not forget the control of the moment. A Jedi uses the Force to protect and preserve, never to seduce." I want to wear a Hannya mask! <- About the Hannya… - Info about Saya Kisaragi from 'Blood-C'...… <- Why the phobia of 'death' is irrational...

In this world where a harsh wind blows, what was this that I should protect? Whenever I know one tragedy after another, I drew ever closer to my true self - My own feelings about my life. Sometimes I feel like Molly Coddle :3
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So cuuuute~
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October 31, 2011
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