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“Seraphine, why do we have to duel in Darkovia…?”

Teretis was being very cynical. “For a Slayer, you may have some good tactics, but your strategies are actually bunked.”

“You think of a good reason why I shouldn’t suggest this…” Seraphine chuckled.

“You sure have a lot of perjure. But did I tell you, not many Undead roam here.”

As they were talking, the dark woods of the fabled Darkovia were hiding a secret. The two rivals were walking right into a trap.

Immediately a fishing net swooped upwards and captured the two quarrelling protagonists. (‘Hey!’ Teretis shouted)

“Get your mangy dog tail out of my armour…!” screamed Teretis. Seraphine sighed in desperation as she kicked the mage in the crotch, would he shut up?
“Can’t you tell the difference between werewolves and Lycans…?”
“NO, also I want to tell you that you have some nerve to plummet me!”

“Of all the vampires and mages I could have been stuck with, I had to get stuck with the idiotic type. Emphasis is on idiot.”
Seraphine snarled through the fishing net, she knew that Darkovia was full of blood-sucking fiends. But she never knew they were this dim, maybe Teretis was one of the newer generations that spawned.

Just then there was a loud chuckle from the bushes as Kabroz sauntered out...
“Meheeeheehe!” the yellow animal chuckled in an annoying voice, the two Sub-races blinked dolefully as if they were fish caught in a net.

Kabroz’s eyes were a startling red as he glared up at the two unusual specimens, his Moglin nose was sharp.

”What do we have here?” the Moglin muttered fiendishly, “my brother never told me about those strange beings. Maybe they’re feral humans.” (Seraphine groaned as an insult)

“Excuse me, my good Moglin.” Teretis offered in respite, “You do us a favour?”

The eyes turned a freakishly green colour...
“Good?!” Kabroz screamed, “You think I’m in the league of the good Moglin? As a punishment for such insolate names, I shall cast you and the beast to be bound together with a restraint order…!”

“Hey, it’s not his fault he has the brain of Undead Frogzard,” pointed out Seraphine in glee. But already, she felt her anger dissipate and she morphed back to human female again. Kabroz threw a carbon crystal at them and cast the spell.

“I hope this restraining order means that we don’t end up like 'The Odd Couple'.”
“You’ve seen the film?” asked Teretis in amazement, “But there’s no TV.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot Undead can’t comprehend these technology.” Kabroz yelled.
“You’re weird,” commented Teretis off-handed.

Meanwhile, the Rogue Keliare was thoroughly miffed. Not only did she just got resurrected by the Queen, she was expected to obey the gothic Queen’s orders and worse still, she was trapped in the body of a ninja-assassinating cat…

Keliare could’ve laughed at the irony, but only her terror prevented her from acting out her thoughts.

Keliare wanted to have her original body back.
True it was ordinary and plain; however she longed how she could swing her limbs around and the agility…

Most of all, she missed her white and purified hair that she kept neatly in a short fashion. She remembered Lord Cyrus when he bestowed onto her the abilities of Dragon-kind. The rogue missed his philosophical voice and how he kindly gave her armour.

You know why I chose you?
As if the Queen reading her thoughts, Keliare was shocked into reality. The vision had disipated to be replaced by the Queen’s image.

I expect you to be confounded by my regal plans for vampire-kind. Therefore, my sweet ninja cat I shall tell you the current campaign.

You Keliare were loaned to me by Reaper because I had bribed him for your supple body. I can command you to do duties the other worthless skinks wouldn’t diverge. Plus, the dragoness heritage in your line means that you are a worthy opponent against Lycan-kind.

Your duties are this: Step into the dojo of Kroves-port. There the Lycans reside.
The Queen laughed haughtily as Keliare scowled in a catlike way.

And what do you expect me to do? The Lycan tribe will tease me! Keliare shouted.
This time the Queen spoke aloud to her, because the gothic Queen wanted to explain every detail to the naive girl.

“Lycans are afraid of felines; they rage against them and go feral at the sight.”
I see… Then what are your commands? Keliare could see where this was heading.

“While the Lycans are distracted, utilise your Dragon-Ninja-cat status and knock Alpha Were-King down. This’ll allow time for glorious Vampires to strike.”

But what you’re doing is insane, there will be havoc and blood will be spilt…!

“All the better,” replied the Queen mysteriously, “Lust for blood strengthens Vampire’s health and make them battle more furiously. Vampire-kind will reign supreme after that.”

This will include GENOCIDE?! Keliare yelled in her thoughts.

“Yes,” gloated the Queen, “And after that, Night-bane the Were-pyre will become King of Darkovia and I shall be the Queen of Darkovia…!”

Keliare couldn’t BELIEVE what she was hearing from the Queen…
She felt like covering her face in shame.

“Our kind will soon spread throughout Battleon, the Undead shall begin…!”

“Wait,” said General Grim-Weld, “We seem to have a new recruit.”
The vampire General pointed at the Paladin.
The Queen paused in her grandiose plans...
The quoted Juan stepped forwards with his silver Axe shining.
The Queen narrowed her eyes tastefully as if in subtle recognition...

"Hello Juan," the Queen greeted the Padalin, "Long time, no bite."
"And I, to you Safira." Juan spoke in a Spanish accent...
This chapter is called 'Irony' and Mage Tetris and Seraphine are about to get into a whole heap of trouble with the lurking Moglin Kabroz...
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