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“This is for your 5, 000 year old unholy alliance with the Undead!”

Seraphine yelled when she stepped outside the Inn as the rest of her numerous pets were braying at her feet. A flame-coloured Vampragon leapt out of her special bottomless sachet that Adventurers always carry.

A small Void Dragon snapped hungrily as the Dark-wolf pawed at its master’s feet.

“What alliance?” commented a slow, immature and jerky voice as the humanoid stepped into the Inn’s lights…

A tall yet stocky mage with a somewhat dimwittedly simple appearance grinned, his manners was deceptively docile and eager as he approached the Slayer.
Seraphine had almost let her guard down as she counted silently…
An experienced vampire Slayer would not fooled by the mage’s outlooks.

“You traitor, you’ve been teaming up with those Undead haven’t you?”
The Slayer was eying his unnaturally sharpened teeth; his yellow incisors were as deadly as fangs, these were the telltale signs of the undead ranks.

“My name’s Teretis. I am in the soldier ranks of Safira’s army.” Mage Teretis drawled as he drew out his iron-cast weapons from the string pouch.
Seraphine reacted with an unexpected laugh, which confused Teretis.

“Teretis… A wicked name indeed, I was expecting something slightly more intimidating like Sir Vlad or Bram Striker…!” The Slayer’s lips curled in a sneer, in her opinion, she could finish him off extremely easy, nothing to it.

“You slayers always talk tough,” commented Teretis in a heartless voice, he yawned in an awkward fashion. “Slayer D seems to get new recruits every week."

"Got any more insults for moi?” the mage dared sluggishly at the female.
“No, but if you insist, I got a joke with an extra sting.” offered Seraphine.

As the Slayer spoke, she fingered the metallic long bladed sword which was crafted for special occasion.

The craftsman who made the blade had sculpted the weapon from the finest materials that Darkovia could afford, the aim was deadly accurate.

The blade was hidden deep in her coarse and hirsute Slayer uniform so the 'sucker' wouldn’t notice his burnt scar until it was too late…

The pets shifted uneasily under the mage’s grin, they sensed the lust for bodily fluids and they were conscious the owner would battle primeval forces. Seraphine continued with her weapon tucked safely away so that Teretis wouldn’t notice.

Meanwhile Teretis was staring at her hungrily; wondering whether to attack. Seraphine was swift and before Teretis knew it, she launched the first defence.

A flurry of action occurred as the mage widened his stance, blocking the swing with his wrist as skewing of the blade plunged deep into a nearby tree… Seraphine growled deeply, how the King would rue Slayers if she didn’t succeed with her mission. Teretis lazily dove back on his feet with a slight aerobatic move.

“You are a fantastic Slayer; months of experience have prepared you for them. However can you dodge my brand of magic?” commented the undead mage.

In response, there were dazzling flames conjured out of mid-air as Teretis summoned his innate sorcery; flames scorched the atmosphere as intense heat consumed the remaining oxygen.
The firestorm soon morphed into several bats.
“Fire bat Swarm.”

Immediately, Seraphine had to duck as the tree she was currently occupying burst into flames.

Due to her phobia of bats, the Slayer had to literally leap away from the spell and narrowly missed getting singed. Her eyes narrowed with hatred at the mage, who just laughed heartily in unrestrained glee.

“You could have killed me.” Seraphine yelled in frustration, “This is so typical of your undead minions. Well, now you shall have to pay.”

Suddenly, as Seraphine leapt from her refuge, there was a swift transformation and then was a toffee-furred Collie in the familiar Slayer uniform.

Teretis was so started at the revelation that his brain couldn’t comprehend the change fast enough.

With a vicious growl the Alpha-female stalked the mage in her anger. The blade was revealed and glinted dully. “Now Teretis, shall we duel in Darkovia?”

The challenge was unanswered as the cowardly mage shuddered in his boots.
Then Teretis nodded timidly, his pomegranate eyes were full of realised fear.
“I don’t take kindly to the Undead, so let’s get this over with.”
The continuation of Seraphine's battle with Teretis, Part 2!
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