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Odaxitar Jinitro by safirediaz Odaxitar Jinitro by safirediaz
The adult version of Olapen... :3 (as seen in both the separate mature games 'Epic Duel' and 'Warpforce') The only reason I added a bit of lipstick was that this was how the character's face appeared in the game ^^

I really do think she turned out well, I was going to add more chains to her outfit later. The secret to her longevity? Harlin's nanobots. Plain and simple. She has blue blood as well, and had learn how to control them to a certain extent. :3 She is currently 5019 years old, with only 1 more year to go. :o

You could consider her previous teenage form her [link] But that's up to debate (of course). Odaxitar in her father's language basically means 'star-borne' or something similar to that, hehe. ;)

PS: I just saw the Avatar movie on Dec 27th and was blown away by it... I'm expecting comments on it xD

I only added two prongs to her nanobot-enhanced claws, so she doesn't resemble a female Wolverine. xD I based her appearance on at least 3 animals: Scorpion (The tail bit), moray/electric eel (oblivious), and leopard (retractable claws, camoflague clothing, feline aspects, slit eyes).
Nasdreks Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2009  Professional General Artist
Oh, nice coloring, it's a good update.
Nasdreks Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2009  Professional General Artist
really good job on the pose, and your proportions are improving by leaps and bounds
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