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Garnet Admete: Ikakiro Project by safirediaz Garnet Admete: Ikakiro Project by safirediaz
Heheh! This is the final twist of 'Officer Misako'... As you can see, immoral Professor Harlin kept a dark secret for over ten years, he'd been working on a project called the 'Ikakiro Data EX1' but no-one except the main villain (Marquis Therus) knew exactly what he was doing: experimenting on genetics in order to recreate his 'lost-love' who rejected him all those years ago... And his final 'template' he based his research on? Larosin. (without the original's permission) Rosia of course was shocked and immediately dumped him - XD

Her name is Garnet Admete, and she's physically sixteen years of age, but despite her physical enhancements, her creator was unable to replicate the exact proportions and hair-colour of the original, nor the complete personality. Garnet is in fact innocently unaware of her capabilities. Harlin genuinely cares for Garnet as a parental figure, but was sadly misguided and cyrogenically froze her in a icy chamber in his desperate attempt to survive the dreaded Reset... Unfortunately, by the time the event actually came around, it was far too late to save himself.

It has now been thousands of years later, and Harlin's secret had been uncovered to all of the misguided citizens of Shadowfall. As a clone, Garnet has yet to discover her origins, but will the cycle of the past repeat itself?! How will anyone react? Will she challenge Melkior at the end of time? The world will never know. (Muhaha!) :P Me so twisted.
Nasdreks Featured By Owner May 10, 2009  Professional General Artist
nice work on the coloring, but the arm looks a bit strange. The forearm and upper arm are about the same length. But cool costume
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May 10, 2009
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