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Down to the bare facts

Renaldo was excited, really excited and more so than usual. The fifteen year old boy was so overjoyed that he held his breath in anticipation. He counted the seconds until the moment, slowly and anxiously staring at the clock in uttermost frustration. Suddenly, he heard the sharp, loud click of the door as the bronze letter-flap opened. A brown-paper package fell through the slot as Renaldo grabbed it with enthusiasm. At once he began tearing through the confetti and Styrofoam package-ware until he reached the end of the parcel. Sighing with delight, he peered into the darkness and tilted the box and at once something slid out easily with a loud audible clunk. "Alright! My first mail order," he yelled as a red pamphlet also fell out. The young boy stared at the metallic light object with happiness, "X-Ray goggles: 100% certified and 5% discount. And it only cost at least $60 with my online account on an non-existent site called Geeway."
Ruffling his hair, he read through the instructions carefully.

Congratulations on purchasing this one of a lifetime offer, these extra Infrared Spectrum Goggles come equipped with a variety of features suitable for both medical and veterinary research. The latest off the scientific market, these goggles are considered to be of the highest calibre of its kind, outdoing Virthink. Able to penetrate through the toughest materials known to mankind and even internal organs, this item emits the lowest frequency ultrasonic beam which disrupts other electronic equipment. We hope you use this responsibility to enhance knowledge of biological research. Awesome, this information was true!

1. To activate the X-Ray goggles, press the centrifugal button on the upper lens. Insert regular AA+ battery in the central cortex, then close the lid, this will activate standby mode, which will let the micro-computer system charge for a few seconds. This should allow enough time to proceed.

2. Once inserted, adjust the focused lenses of the goggles rendered thick for vision purposes.
Twist the two rotating centrifugal binocular tubes to ensure minimum function. By now, you will have noticed a large switch with three options: 50% capacity, 100% capacity and full power.

3. Experiment with these options, 50% ensures that vision can see clearly the actual organs of any living subject, whether animal, human or object, outlines of clothes are visible. 100% penetrates any steel structures and buildings within 10 feet or more. Full power maintains maximum capacity; this is unrecompensed causing overheating and drainage of battery. Use with extreme caution.

Invented by the interpretuer scientist/Genologist of the 31st Millenium, _____, the Black Prince.

Renaldo paused after scanning through this; this was where the page left off, as though it trailed. He felt the roughed edges of the paper; it scraped against his finger. Someone definitely torn off the rest, not a good sign. This could be good for some sneaking and this was all in the name of research, even if it was questionable. The adolescent boy ran up the wooden stairs, not stopping once until he reached his room. Facing forwards on his bed and feeling rather foolish, he adjusted the leather straps. He put on the X-ray goggles with a flip of his cooled hands, careful not to damage it. Pricey equipment; with any luck wall reveal secrets. He felt around the wall until the correct location was indicated. Blinking once.

Instantly there was a shimmer and… Entire scenario changed. Renaldo couldn't believe it, he could feel pressure of the wall against his hands, but the wall was transparent and liquid-like, sloshing gently like clear water. Incredible, a wall of water! He grinned. Peering towards the right, he was startled to see…  His neighbour Derrick - what was that nitwit doing? He could hear everything going on, loud music blaring.

"Ah Denise, I look splendid!" Derrick sighed as he tried on different sized dresses, giggling like a twit while glancing at the mirror, Derrick applied more lipstick. The horrified boy could see his lips smack in enjoyment. He twirled around in a female fashion, slick huge muscles apparent. Ugh, this is torture.

'I am the Daffodil princess of the almighty fortress of Al-Kaduir!' declared the idiot called Derrick carrying a bouquet of fresh sage picked from the garden, "And assisting me is my role-playing game partner, Federico Radica as he defeats the fierce griffin of Motadar! Rescue me O prince, from the monstrous being that has befallen Al-Kaduir!" Denise smiled at this, covering her loud laughter with a hand as she spluttered out her lines that were conversed earlier. Renaldo rolled his eyes in distaste, this ordeal kept getting worse and nightmarish by the second, what was next? Derrick played his part with enthusiasm, giggling at spars.

"It is I, the mighty Pinball Paladin, Federico! I shall vanquish your foes from the realms of the Daffodil." announced Denise with a triumphant whirl of her princely cloak; she smiled with bravado as she displayed a Pinball machine which represented the 'griffin', the beast rattled with each loud blow applied to it. Each time, Derrick shrieked out his lines and Renaldo winced with each piercing 'Save me O ambitious saviour!'

Renaldo couldn't believe that his neighbour acted so immature, what was he? 10? With a sigh, he switched off the X-Ray goggles. This obviously had some very useful applications, limitless mischief I could do!
The adolescent grinned at the possibilities; he could view people's conversation, spy on his classmates and look for buried treasure and even… Oh, the newfound possibilities! He must inform Keisha right away! He dialled Keisha's number, his heart pounding with every minute as he anxiously waited. Finally, a pick up.
"Togo residence, how may we help you?" asked an elderly voice. At this Renaldo gulped at this, it was Keisha's grandmother – sweet as buttercups, but cranky when not addressed properly.

"I'm looking for Keisha, it's important and I'm her friend from junior high, you might know me from the fireworks festival in July. She might want to see this new invention I found from the antique store three streets away! It has everything, a music box, and umbrellas and…" At this her gran cackled, high pitched and deceivable. "Please, it'd be awesome and coolskis!" he begged her over the scratchy tone of the phone.

"Rennie! I knew you since you were a little wee cuddies! Kei said that she'll be right over soon, but first she'll have to go to violinist lessons and then dental appointment with Dr. Karlson." At this he sighed. Another two hours wait; he hadn't seen Kei for positively ages. It seemed forever since they hung out in the front yard eating cookies and pretending to be Tarzan in their tree-house. The hours stretched longer.

Finally, there was an insistent ring of the intercom and rattle from the door, 'Heya Renaldo, I'm so glad to catch up with you after so long! Let me in, pleaseeee!' A chubby girl in her early teens grinned from the silver screen, her wispy pink hair streaks like a somewhat psychedelic flame. She was carrying loads of heavy shopping bags and as she smiled cheerily, Renaldo caught a quick glimpse of what seemed like shiny metallic braces gleaming from her teeth. It was definitely Keisha.

He swung open wide the heavy oak door and she burst in, "Rennie! You won't believe the goodies I've hoarded from the local takeaway shop, there's Yasudon, and Curry laksa and ooooh!" she exclaimed as she took out a transparent container containing steaming light golden spring rolls still sizzling from concentrated applied heat.
"Mini spring rolls!" she squealed at this, hugging the warmth to her knees "Want some, Rennie?"
The boy smiled inwardly, glad to see his friend enthusiastic about food, but there were more pressing matters, Kei waved limp and dripping spring-roll in front of his face before stuffing it in. That sure looks –
"What's up with goggles, a new fashion statement? Me likes this already." She poked the futuristic visor.
"You won't believe; neither did I. These are X-Ray goggles I bought. And here's a kicker, these thingies actually WORK!"

Keisha's own mouth dropped a metre to the ground; she shook her head with scepticism. "Eh? eh?!" she responded with utter disbelief

"That's lame," she responded folding her arms to her chest, "I would like you to prove it, Ren!" she giggled before opening another full bowl of soup, he could see slimy noodles slopping inside the limited space from his perspective. Without a word, Renaldo did what she asked and slipped on the visor before it gave a low vibration with each shuddering pulse. The whole scene abruptly changed in a fraction of the second as soon his vision adjusted to the object directly in front.
"Uh, Kei?" Reynardo awkwardly stated.
"What?" Keisha spluttered.
"You're... you're not wearing any clothes, are you?"
".... WHAT?!" Keisha yelled, before slapping Reynardo. "I'm not bloody naked. You must be seeing things!" He gasped with horrified awe as he watched Kei's form. A rough tongue moved wetly sliding the noodle in little by little.
"HONEST!" Reynardo stated, before Keisha could dispute her claims, "See?!" He clamped the goggles on Keisha's face. Keisha said nothing, but her eyes widened. "It's almost surreal and holographic."
"Wow! Think of the possiblities." Reynardo grinned, rubbing his tender hands together in glee.
"What?" Keisha sighed in utter contempt at her friend's wild ideas, "If it has anything to do with"
"I'm bringing this to school and going to peer in the girl's locker room!" *SLAP*
"You... PERVERT!" roared a voice outside the window and Reynardo's face blanched out.
"Pretend you didn't here that," Reynardo begged as a shadow appeared out the window.

"Hydralin!" Keisha stated as the gothic female stood aloof at the window-sill before leaping down, "Hey, it's that ratty girl who always peeks on us! Are you now a peeping tom?"
"Sorta. What's it to ya." Orchid Hydralin said snidely, before combing her freshly laundered spikey hair, that hung around her face in delicate cerulean spikes. Her whitened pupils were aglow with anger,
"I'm quite interested in your purchase, Reynardo. My great Uncle Oswald works in the same facility."
"Oswald is a rat, a finky rat," protested Reynardo, before tossing the X-Ray goggles out of the way. "And YOU can't effing have that invention!" Orchid glared with a viper's insidious look.
"Who says I can't," chanted Orchid, looming above the two, she was that angry with Reynardo and he cringed, "HUH. Have it your way, loser!"
"... Fink." Keisha retorted after Orchid's brief departure.
An unfinished story from three years ago that I decided to put up. just for the 'lol' factor. I'll possibly continue it when I get enough feedback for a sequel :3 (joking)
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