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Fed Up

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 14, 2017, 6:10 PM

I really REALLY can't believe I am doing this. But yesterday there was a huge flair up where one of my ex-friends :iconlordscorpion12: betrayed me heavily...
So first off this is what happened, there was a slight dispute that made me uncomfortable with his friend wanting to do some funny Chibi art of Clyide, normally I am fine with fanart. But I don't like for the fact of someone trying to baby or cutesy one of my monsters unless I am okay with it. Because they are supposed to be monsters, not puppies or kitties. And :iconrosethorn1483: had told them that I wasn't comfortable with it. Plain and simple. Yet they did it anyway, albeit, Scorp did tell me in skype that his friend did it anyway. And I reiterated myself, not being mad, but stern that I wasn't happy about it. Img 14102017 193332 0 by SafireCreations

I explained that I wasn't comfortable with it what so ever, and I didn't yell at him or lectured him like he accused me of doing. (This will come up later)
I have had issues with him in the past, how many is beyond me because I have forgiven him for it many times over. And was sore about this, not mad at Rae for it (just disappointed he just didn't heed my ill feelings about it), but semi strict for the fact that Scorp kept encouraging it. But when I went onto his profile just to look around I found his status posts just out of random one in particular that pissed me off and I am surprised I didn't notice this one before:

^422b4a5725f044add92410a3a7ef945a52f9bea2f4a0c8858 by SafireCreations
Mind you he commissioned me yes, but he knew about my school/home/relationship/work problems wwaaaaaaaaaayyyyy before hand when he pulled this stupid issue with me, this status post in question pertaining to this. He was aware of my TOSs when commissioning me and accepted them and for the fact I had other projects I was doing before hand that need to be finished. (Also note I will be giving him a refund, save for the time I have already put into his comm) But he became impatient and would constantly pock and prod me about it, even after I had some personal issues that had me literally balling, WHILE in call with him and others of my bros chat. So this is when I decided to ban him from the group temporarily. NOW instead of talking to ME about it. He went and talked to :iconeveechan: and :iconrosethorn1483: about it first. Rose was busy at work at the time and couldn't respond. As so was Evee, and she in fact didn't notice until we were in call (after I saw the journal he posted) that night yesterday right before he posted the journal calling me out publicly. So not ONLY did he avoid me like the plague, he also was too impatient to wait for Evee and Rose to respond. So then this is where this journal came into play:
Img 13102017 170002 0 by SafireCreations
I was livid and absolutely heartbroken when I saw this. So much that I was crying so much and jumbling my words when I managed to get my fiance on call to see what happened. To which after he posted this :icondayahya: and my fiance :iconabaddonvicalies: said something.
Img 13102017 173754 0 by SafireCreations

We were all very upset, and I couldn't get a hold of myself because he was leaving out so many details about the issue it wasn't funny. He neglected to tell the whole story and instead chose to be an insensitive bastard, a terrible friend, and a selfish prick that he just had to try and hurt one of the only ones that was there for him. I could go into details as to what the hell this kid has gone through, but I won't because that is HIS business and as much as I fucking hate him right now, I am not going to release his info. Only thing I will say is I helped him through personal home problems, talked to him when he needed a friend, helped him develop his character, offered to open my home to him, helped him through his first copyright issue/thief, and helped him get a copyright.
Yet he still does this to me?
Needless to say that was the last straw, hence my comment and immediate blocking. Abaddon wasn't too happy either, he was pissed because he was my friend and Scorp betrayed me. And betrayal and rudeness doesn't sit well with him.
Anyway throughout the issue he kept posting status post after status.

Img 13102017 175101 0 by SafireCreations

Img 13102017 181233 0 by SafireCreations

And this one I didn't hear about till today:
Untitled by SafireCreations
And oddly enough, the only person he blocked throughout this entire thing, was ROSETHORN of all the people! And she did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to him!

Needless to say, he was a selfish and toxic friend. Regardless of his "issues" and I honestly want nothing to do with him anymore. I am only saying something about this now because I am fed up with his antics, and want to warn/stave off anymore issue with him. I hope that maybe sometime he can mature enough to get past his issues. But I rather not stick around to wait for that to happen. I'll save myself the hurt and pain of it all. 

The Bros Skype Chat was supposed to be a safe place, but during the time of this issue, I didn't even feel safe in my own fucking chat I created. And honestly, in the future I am gonna stick to the 3 strike rule. After that and the 3 chances are up, then that will be it. 

Once bitten twice shy huh? I numbed that purposely because I thought this guy was a good person, but turns out he was only in it for himself.

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