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AU Vore Comic Poll

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 26, 2018, 11:59 AM

Alright guys! So so far it looks like "The Master AU" has pretty much won on both the DA Poll and the FB poll. So here, these are the different AUs that are between Rose and Clyide Luka:

-The Master-:
_____Rose Leone is a new Senior at her school. All the students in her class just got back from summer vacation. Sad to say the long running PE teacher and History Teachers are both retired now. Rumor is a new young looking teacher, or shall I say Professor, has filled both spots. But as he takes his position as a new high school teacher, missing persons cases begin to pop up around the area in Canada B.C.
No leads yet, but Rose is beginning to become the new favorite quickly of this dark and very vulgar professor.

-The Apprentice-:
____Young and full of wonder Rose finds herself wandering. A little toddler, still bouncing on her dad's knee, gets separated from her parents accidentally, only to run into an odd man. After this enchounter, her parents bring her home, only to have led this odd man straight to them. Rose goes missing dead in the night, and is brought back home to this man's home, where he feeds her, protects her, and raises her...only to be his apprentice in training. And possibly, something more...

-The Guardian of the Maze-:
____A young budding archiologist Rose Leone travels to a lost and long forgotten island smack dab in the Pacific Ocean. Said rumored to hold an entrance to a secret tomb of the old church. The secret held guarded by the Vatican for hundreds of years. Rose hopes to unlock the secret of her artifact here. But little did they know that there would be something...big...guarding this temple....

-The Warden's Cage-:
____Rose is swept away from her home in Canada by a bounty Hunter, with the intent to kill her by any means possible. Without remorse or pity. She's a charming girl, right? But can she escape this brutish man?

I hope you guys find these interesting. And I will be working on this as a side thing. I hope to upload frequently but we'll see. For sure every Friday I will upload a page.
Let me know what you guys think and if you are looking forward to this new Vore comic.

GoldenLotusGirl Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I like The Guardian of the Maze best OwO
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