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|Blinded Beast|  :Rose + Hanged Man RP: Part 1 by SafireCreations |Blinded Beast|  :Rose + Hanged Man RP: Part 1 by SafireCreations

You are NOT allowed to use these Characters in anyway including copy, steal, trace, reference, or alter this art for any reason. These Characters are used only for our personal use!

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This is an old rp that Rosethorn and I did a bit back! It was extremely awesome and Rose and I were just reminiscing about it last night! So she dug it up and I did some spelling check and stuff and the artwork above for it! Enjoy our collab story! Part two will be posted when I get finished doing some minor edits.

Far off in the desert by a large crevasse a large cloaked shadow sat, his broad hat low over his eyes as he yanked on each inch of the whip he carried. Testing its strength and durability. Trying to see if there were any weaknesses in the structural integrity of the weapon.

Somewhere in the same desert a girl had crawled out of the sand as if she were running from something close behind her. Reloading her pistol she scanned her surroundings. A wave of déjà vu hit her upon looking at the desert when she felt the sand shift beneath her. She aimed her pistol at the ground and pulled the trigger, trying to shoot the creature she knew was beneath her.

The demon then rose up standing straight up as he looked around the desert, sensing something wrong in his territory, smelling something different. Something alien to him, and above all, it was IN his territory. His ears perked up and he turned in the direction of the sound seeing a gust of dust and sand kicked up, and a tiny human running futility and shooting in failed attempts at the attacking being below the surface. He didn't recognize the human at first, nor the oppressing force against said human. He was more concerned that some beings were encroaching on his boundaries. He turned and immediately began to pursue.

Rose grimaced as the being continued to attack her; giant grayish-purple arms shot out of the sand in an attempt to grab her, but she managed to avoid them. Rose's heart was giving out to her exhaustion and she slid to a stop. Yanking her knife out in one hand and held it out in defense. Her arch-nemesis stopped attacking and instead half revealed himself in the sand. "My dear, how long do you plan on running? You know it's futile when the queen wants you," Dexter responded with a sly grin. "I will never join with her! Not after what she did!" Rose snapped in anger, "I don't care what she wants me for!" Dexter was about to respond when they both stopped and turned to see a figure approaching them. Dexter grimaced when he recognized the aura of a demon. Rose on the other hand wondered who it was.

The demon then dissipated in a mirage and almost moved invisible in another closer to them. His movements were silent that is until... His large whip came out of nowhere and wrapped around Dexter's neck and forced him to lay on the sand. At the same time two boots slammed down on either side of Rose as the demon now stood right above her. He sniffed a couple times and growled at the stranger before him. But he immediately recognized Rose when he hid in the mirage. "What the hell are you doing in my territory!?" He snapped.

"I-I I'm sorry!" Rose sputtered out of fear, realizing who the voice belonged to, "Um... It's been a while?" She said innocently trying to avoid the subject of how the two of them got there in the first place. Dexter put his hands up to show the Hanged Man he wasn't going to fight back. "Relax demon, I did not mean to intrude on your lands on purpose, I'm only here for the girl." Rose whimpered slightly as she tried to avoid Dexter's gaze when his one functional eye turned to look down at her.

The demon growled, then reluctantly loosened his grip as he removed the whip from the being's neck, causing it to snake off. The demon then bent down and grabbed Rose by the shirt and hung her a little ways by his face. If she wanted to she could touch his nose or lips at this distance. But he glared at her from the corner of his eyes then his gaze turned to Dexter and he snarled a bit. "Who, this little morsel? No, she has a debt to settle with me. You can have what is left of her when I'm through with her." He licked his lips and smirked. But there seemed to be a small friendly glint in his eye as his gaze stared at Rose again. Something only she could pick up on.

A small knowing smile showed on Rose's face when she saw the glint in the Hanged Man's eyes. Dexter bared his teeth in frustration however in response. "I need her alive, demon." His fists clenched as a black ooze like substance trickled from his claws. He then grinned slightly. "Although... I think I may have sensed your presence before... Perhaps in what was once the girl's safe house? Before she burned it to the ground and left?" Rose stared at the black substance with a knowing fear and her subconscious screamed "danger" at the sight. "Be careful..." She whispered quietly enough so only the Hanged Man could hear, "This isn't his full height and strength, he's holding back to keep me alive... And that poison... It's not strong enough to kill demons yet, but it could make you very ill if too much of it touches your skin. It will kill me on a single touch..... I promise I'll explain later... but it's because of me that he's stronger now than he's supposed to be."

The demon smiled grimly at the being before him. He then suddenly jumped flipping over his opponent and at the same time he tossed Rose into the air. In mid flip, when the Hanged man was upside down he opened his jaws wide and stuck out his pale tongue just as the helpless Rose landed on his upper jaw. He landed dead on his feet then 20 yards away from his opponent as he licked Rose all over, savoring her as much as he could. "Hhmmmn, yes, very delicious. I have been wanting to eat her for a long time now." He then gulped her down, swallowing hard with a very forceful Gluck. The wet sound was very audible as Rose slid down his muscular throat. He smiled wickedly at Dexter as if taunting him.

Dexter let out a snort spitting some of his poison on the ground, "This isn't over,"  He growled lowly, hating to admit he had the losing hand here and burrowed under the sand until he disappeared from sight. He was in no mood to continue fighting something out of his league. Rose meanwhile, was a little surprised from getting eaten in mid battle as she felt herself squished against the Hanged Man's stomach. But soon relaxed knowing she was safe.

The demon smirked, then he barked a growl as he reassured his territory. He then relaxed as he set his hand on his stomach feeling her wriggle inside his tight belly. "He's gone, your safe now." He then started walking off.

"That's good..." Rose commented as she absently drew circles over the soft snug flesh that held her still, "I'm sorry for trespassing. You see, Miranda has been increasing the number of nests lately... And the one I recently destroyed was not far from the desert," She sighed heavily, "I found out why Miranda wants me. Although, in probably one of the worst ways possible," She looked up with a smile despite not being too happy about getting eaten, "Besides that though, how are you since we last saw each other?"

His stomach growled around her signaling the growing need for food. "Give me a bit to find a place to rest and get some food, then I'll let you out when the coast is clear." He continued walking then. "I've been fine, but it's been hard. I was exiled from the town by the church." He grew silent then.

"I'm so sorry... That must've been hard," Rose responded sadly, she rubbed her hand against the flesh around her gently in an attempt to soothe the demon's stomach for now. "Everyone in the town is probably dead now I bet," she thought mostly to herself.

The demon's eyes widened. "What do you mean?" He became shocked as he stood still now. He immediately looked off to the town's direction now as his stomach became uneasy.

"It was a random thought! I didn't actually mean it," Rose stuttered out. "I mean... I just thought back to my home town... And I know that is a ghost town now... Thanks to Miranda and her children..." Rose thought of something else to say to convince the demon there really wasn't anything to worry about. "But you're still nearby, and the way you showed Dexter who was boss, they should be fine..."

He stopped and have a worried glance back at the town. "...alright, so long as she is alright I will continue to leave her alone like she asked." He then reluctantly began to walk deeper into the desert. His stomach lightly squeezing her, signifying it's impatience and want for food.

Rose breathed a sigh as she pressed her hands against the demon's stomach. "I actually wanted to tell you that I had found some other survivors in different ghost towns since we last saw each other. We've made a much safer camp now rather than just me by myself. I just had the misfortune of running into Dexter while hunting alone." She shuddered at the thought of her nemesis. "I'm glad you were able to scare him off before he actually captured me... Or worse... Injured me," Rose said absently as she looked down at her right arm again, where there were visible scars from a previous attack.

"...well, you're safe now. He shouldn't come within my territory again. I'm just hoping she'll be safe if I go further in." He then came to the edge of a great precipice.

A smile spread across Rose's face in curiosity, "Who will be safe?" She asked curiously hoping it was indeed what she thought she was hearing.

The demon then stopped dead in his tracks. His breathing became slower now, but his heart began to thud loudly. "...Mina, she's a young girl, nineteen, and she is quite interesting. I'm just hoping that bastard didn't go for her. Or attacked the town and found her. If he did......I can't guarantee he will live past the night." He then continued but began to hack up Rose carefully. Once out he then set the poor wet girl on his shoulder, then dug into his pocket for a black silk handkerchief for her. The demon handed it to her gently. "Here, this may stifle the cold, it's still dark out and it will be for another nine hours. You picked a hella'of a time to hunt. Shit happens after dark around here. You would be no different than a small mouthful for anything else out here." He then stopped and looked at her. "Just saying..." He then took out a large wrapped thin cylinder out of his other pocket.

Rose shivered slightly under the handkerchief but not without showing her smile showing how happy she was for the demon but winced at his last comment, "Normally I know I shouldn't, but den mothers only leave their nests at night.... I DID go prepared at the start don't get me wrong, Dexter stole my bag..." Rose huffed kicking a pebble on the ground, "The guy does more than scare me ... He will also go out of his way to piss me off it seems... I wouldn't worry about Dexter though, his main job and target is only to capture me. Things would've been a lot worse if you brought me to the town."

The demon just grimaced. "Alright then, I'll stay far away from there for now." He then took a small match out of his pocket and lit the thin cigar and took a few large puffs from it. "Well, were almost there.." he then gently picked her up again and walked just a little ways before bringing her to the same oasis as before. He sat down next to the pond and set her down gently on his knee and began plucking fruit from the trees for her. "Here, you look starved." He said, talking as he was biting down on the cigar. He then continued to watch her as she ate. Then remembering his own hunger his stomach began to gurgle again. "Sorry, but I'm afraid when you're finished, I need to eat..." He then paused unexpectedly, almost hesitant to finish the sentence as he took a few heavy drags and exhaled the minty smoke out of his nostrils.

"Why aren't you eating some of the fruit like last time?" Rose questioned in between pieces of fruit, "Or was that just to bug me too?" She looked up at the demon and winced when she realized what he probably meant if he was hesitant to finish his sentence, "Oh..."

He growled as he exhaled again through his nostrils, this time a little indirectly at Rose. "Yeah.....and I don't think you want to find out how a demon's digestive system works first hand. Be that as it may though I don't think you'd live past it to write a book." He then took one last long drag, bringing the burning end close to his lips now. His tongue slinked out then and snatched the still hot embering end into his mouth. It made an audible sizzle as he began to chew it. Then he swallowed hard, further emphasizing his point. He sighed, "...not sure if you want to come along and see this through, but if that's the case, then you can't interfere. If not, YOU will have to stay in that cave last time, alone, until I come back, and I WILL be sealing the entrance like before. So nothing besides me can lift it." He then set her down on the ground gently as he then stood, straightening his cloak again. "But either way, I can't guarantee your safety. And I am serious right now because if I leave you, you do have a high chance that bastard Dexter will come back. And if you go with me, then you will have to hide, or be still. Because when I hunt I have to resort to a more animalistic state, meaning no matter what you do, you can't wake me from it until I am done hunting. Meaning a full stomach. And you do have a 25% chance I come after you..." His eyes then grew sad and dim then.

Rose grimaced at the thought, a no-win situation. Great. Normally she would've taken the cave choice but she had to play her cards right. Dexter would surely come after her if she was left all alone. But at the same time, even though it was a low chance, she could still die. She thought for a while before making her decision, she opened her pocket revealing a small vial of blood. Her blood. "I will stay in the cave," Rose said regrettably, "I do have something I can use in case Dexter comes back. I know it will make Dexter even stronger than before but it's all I have. It's the only other thing he wants... I'm sorry, I should've told you sooner..."

The demon grew cold then all of a sudden. As he took her roughly, now walking faster as his stomach growled more menacingly now. His irises seemed to be doing something strange, almost as if they were pulsating going in and out rapidly. Something was wrong. He opened the cave a little and stuck her inside then before he let the rock fall on the entrance again. He sat there, back pressed up against the entrance as he breathed rapidly but tried to calm himself. But his mouth drooled heavily and his eyes wouldn't stop vibrating. He was beginning to lose it, and he wasn't even close to his hunting grounds. He then kicked off tearing into the sand as he ran transitioning like a madman from all fours to two legs. On and off as he disappeared into the desert, leaving little Rose all by himself. Despite his gruff intentions, he had enough strength to push back the beast within to put her in a safe place. Away from Dexter yes, away from other creatures, but above all...

...away from him... Like a shark in a frenzy, the sight of blood even was too much

Rose was stunned to say the least but she was relieved that she was safe at least for a while, now that she was in the cave. She sighed knowing it was her fault but there were things she needed to say. So she sat down and closed her mind off from the outside world. Almost in a way to meditate. She would do this until he got back, almost waiting for her to take a punishment.

At least a couple hours later the demon's footsteps are heard not very far away. But as the Hanged Man grew closer and closer you could hear a faint screaming. Soon he was right outside of the cave again, and you could defiantly hear the screams of a distressed young women. Suddenly they became muffled and the rock started to move, but then the doorway opened and you could see the dead expressionless face of the Hanged Man, and something squirming slowly down his throat...

Rose had to clasp a hand over her mouth to hide her shock, she shook her head remembering the piles of bones she had seen the first time they had met and had to reassure herself that she had witnessed much worse beforehand. Keeping her heart steady she looked up into the Hanged Man's eyes, hoping that he was at least awake now and gave him a small wave just in case, if not she knew she had to make a break for it and run. "A-are you alright?" She said nervously.

His eyes returned to normal but his lips and teeth still had blood on them. He turned away and licked his lips and teeth clean before facing her again. "...I'm fine. At least I'm full now," he then gently wrapped his hand around her and took her out of the cave. As he set the boulder down again he sat on top of it and set her on his shoulder. "...although there are five less people in the world now..." He just sighed as he stared off at the rising sun.

Rose nodded with a smile but her eyes still showed regret, "I'm so sorry about earlier... Had I known that would only make things worse..." She shuddered at the thought that she almost had the same fate from her little mistake. Part of her wouldn't stop wondering who his victims once were... Especially that one woman she heard before she was eaten alive. She shook her head, banishing the thought. She gently touched The Hanged Man's cheek. "Thank you, for letting me stay a second time..." she whispered.

The Hanged Man jumped a little, caught off guard by this, but he turned and smiled. "You're welcome, my doors are open if you need somewhere to stay. Just beware that I do have to feed sometimes, and it isn't always pretty." His stomach gurgled more as it churned away at the poor women inside. At least they weren't screaming anymore. "Although I have to still have dessert sometime." He then turned and kissed her on the head.

"Let's wait until after your meal is gone okay?" Rose said giggling a little and trying not to blush from being kissed. "You're welcome to visit my camp too if you'd like," Rose offered, "It's not much of course but we've been able to make a few gardens since then. I can plant a few herbs for you in case you need any more."

He smiled, "Thank you, that would be lovely." He then yawned as he stretched and began to lift the boulder heading in with her gently. He then closed it with both of them inside as he began to lay on his back, setting her down on his stomach.

Rose sighed as she laid down, resting her head over the Hanged Man's stomach. "You can sleep if you want, I'm not tired," Rose responded with a smile as her mind drifted. As she wondered what was going on back at her camp.

"Yes, she's got a demon on her side," Dexter whispered gravely over a ball of dark light that he had formed with his hand. He used it to communicate with his master after he had escaped from the demon that had Rose. He listened intently to words that no one could understand but him, "Yes of course my queen, I understand." He cut off his spell and grinned. "Just wait Rose... We know you're still alive..." Dexter said tauntingly over the image of Rose he had conjured himself, before cutting off the image with his hand.

Rose gasped feeling a sharp pain in her heart, as if for a brief moment she had been attacked.  "Damn him...." She muttered hoarsely as she curled up against the Hanged Man, "Damn him to hell..."

The Hanged Man was already fast asleep, but he could hear little Rose cursing, but regardless it didn't register. His breathing was long and powerful as his stomach continued to churn away. It gurgled regularly throughout the day as it emptied itself, pushing the remnants of the former females through his system. It didn't seem like a long time before the day began to fade again, and the sun started to set again. The demon then began to stir and groan a bit under his hat. And almost immediately following his stomach gurgled again.

Rose smiled when she saw the Hanged Man start to awaken, she had been resting her head against the demon's stomach, listening to it gurgle and churn away. Surprisingly, the sounds seemed to soothe her, giving her the feeling of safety despite the last attack she felt from her nemesis. "Let me guess... It's my turn?" Rose said, trying to hide her laughter when she saw the Hanged Man start to awaken.

The demon opened his mouth wide as he yawned and stretched. "Mmmmmmmmmnnnnnnn, maybe. But to be honest. I'm wondering whether or not your other survivors will be looking for you." He then opened his eyes and stared at her in the darkness as his eyes glowed a little. But his stomach interrupted the silence again. "Oopse. Looks like I'm hungrier than I thought."

Rose tried really hard not to laugh but wasn't succeeding very well. "Y-yeah the other survivors are probably worried about me right now," Rose admitted amidst her giggles as she wiped a tear away.

The demon smiled. "Alright, I'll take you back. But, I have to eat first before we do go, or I may eat your entire camp." He smiled with a sharp toothy smile at her then. But it didn't take long for his stomach to gurgle and roar at her.

Rose shook her head, "Why am I not surprised?" She looked up at the Hanged Man and smiled, "Alright, you can eat first,"

"Good." He then got up taking her gently wrapped in the handkerchief. He then opened the entryway and got out before setting the rock down again. The demon then began to walk in the same direction as yesterday. "In this direction is the town of Midbrook. That's the town I was banished from by the church. And where Mina lives. And due east to it there is a smaller town where I prey on. It's called Lidmon, mostly ranchers and people passing through to get to Midbrook. But they have now set up a routine expecting me at sunset every night to raid them. Five females every night." He then grew silent.

Rose nodded in understanding looking thoughtful towards the two towns. "It must be a way to protect the town in some way..." Rose guessed mostly to herself as she snuggled into the handkerchief.

He then stopped, and gently set her down in a soft bush of leaves. "Stay here, don't make a sound, and if I come towards you. Don't move. When I'm in that state I see mostly moving objects, if you don't move, I can't see you." The Hanged Man then leaned down and kissed Rose on the forehead then got up and began to walk towards the village.

Rose nodded, smiling softly at the kiss but she knew this was serious and stayed completely still, waiting until the Hanged Man returned. She winced as another sharp pain ruptured in her chest, but to save her own life she dared not to move. She would not allow herself to get in any danger and she wouldn't let her arch nemesis get any satisfaction from his little game.

The Hanged Man's eyes then hazed over as the second eyelid blurred his vision as he went into a predatory state. His teeth at the ready as he began to descend on the people. Screams and cries rang out as they saw the charging brute approaching rapidly. And from that point on, five lives were doomed...

Rose could hear the screams of the villagers as she sat in her spot outside the village, she had to force herself to not move an inch since she could feel her heart pounding in her chest from her fear plus the added strain from Dexter's black magic. She squeezed her eyes shut and reminded herself that it would be over soon.

The demon continued to snatch and shove helpless females into his jaws, swallowing them one by one. Suddenly as the fourth female was going down his tight throat a women darted from her hiding place, running out into the desert from where he came from. In the direction of Rose!!!

Immediately he turned and saw her, snapping his gaze at the frantic female. He jumped, moving like a blur. Suddenly he had a boot on top of her. She was screaming and thrashing as she tried desperately to get out from under his large dusty boot. He began to slowly press it on her and her back began to crunch under it. She screamed hard as she began to squirm and claw at the sand but it was no use. A loud pop was heard and he lifted his boot. Her upper half was still moving but she couldn't use her legs......he had severed her spine perfectly by squeezing it underfoot. She realized the gravity of the situation as she tried to pull her useless legs behind her. The Hanged Man, eyes glazed over, watched her intently as his hungry smile split as his tongue snaked out licking his teeth and gums, growling in sadistic satisfaction. He then slowly bent down as his fingers wriggled underneath her, then his grip clenching around her tightly making her cough and gasp for air. But as the poor thing was lifted up to his mouth, she caught a small glimpse of Rose, but her mouth didn't open nor say a word, fearing the same fate for her. The demon greedily slurped up her legs, then her torso, then lastly his lips squeezed over her head. Leaving her lower outstretched arm exposed to the outside world for one last time. He then bit down a little, but it was enough force to sever her arm clean. He tilted his head a little and swallowed her down. Not much effort again, but it was audible. The limb arm fell into the sand just as the screaming frantic women disappeared past his collar bone. He sighed, satisfied at last. But when he opened his eyes they were still hazed over...

Rose found it hard to breathe as she watched the fate of the last woman, her heart began to pound harder than it did before and her body trembled as she saw the arm of the woman land on the sand between her and the Hanged Man. She looked up in horror when she saw his eyes were still hazed over, her instincts told her to run. She would've tried to get his attention like last time but after seeing the girl's death... She wasn't too sure that was a good idea if his eyes were still... She decided to wait a few minutes before slowly sitting up, keeping her eyes on the demon and waited to see what would happen.

The Hanged Man sniffed the air, but could only smell smoke and blood. He yawned and began to walk but after crushing the severed arm underfoot as he walked a bit, probably ten yards away from Rose he began to sway as he fell to the ground. The earth trembled under the contact with his limb body and the sand. But he just lay there eyes closed and completely still now. He was still breathing, but it was the first time he had passed out like that after feeding.

Rose immediately stood up and ran over to the Hanged Man, her eyes scanned his body wondering what had happened. "Hey..." She whispered as she approached his face. She didn't know what to do and she was getting increasingly worried she hesitated for a brief moment but gently patted his cheek with her hand, unsure if there was anything else she could use to wake him up.

Suddenly his eyes shot open, for a moment they were hazed over, but the secondary lens then receded and he just started at her with sleepy eyes. "What happened? I didn't hurt you did I?" He asked a bit frantic, now checking Rose over multiple times.

Rose smiled with a sigh of relief and shook her head, "No I'm alright," She decided to lie about the pain in her chest as her heart continued to pound from distress, not wanting to make him worry. She leaned over and gave him a small kiss on the cheek, then looked over at the Hanged Man with a serious look in her eyes. "What about you? You fell to the ground pretty hard after you..." She paused and then pointed at what used to be the severed arm but had been crushed from the Hanged Man's boot, "...After you stepped on that."

He looked and got up from the ground and wiped the sand from his face and clothes. He then went over to the arm and inspected it then looked at his destruction. "Damn......I swear every time I can't imagine me doing that... It's appalling..." He then turned to Rose. "I must have over exerted myself during that raid. Normally I find my way back home by then.

"Would there be any reason you would normally over exert yourself any other time?" Rose asked curiously as she clutched the Hanged Man's handkerchief, "Maybe you sensed some kind of threat or something? Don't take me seriously this time please though... it's just a guess."

He smiled at her. "No, I just over exerted myself." He then sat down by her. "Rose, I am at war with myself. Every time I go into that state I am trying to fight back. I just can't sometimes. And what you saw is what happens if I let it control me 25% imagine if it was 100%. When I finished off the last female, I could see the bush moving. But I walked past it, trying to control it. That's why I passed out. It was going for you. But it took a lot out of me to redirect it..." He then broke eye contact with her.

Rose looked down, "Yeah I know... I promised to not move but..."

"Part of it was the fact you stopped moving after you ate that female. I didn't know what to do when I saw your eyes as they were..." Rose fidgeted for a while keeping her face turned away from the Hanged Man's gaze, "Dexter has been trying to reach me with his black magic for the past few hours. When I don't respond he uses a spell that sends a sharp pain in my chest that forces my heart to temporarily shut down like a battery for a little while until he gets me himself. I honestly don't know how much more I can take at this point..." She looked up at the Hanged Man with a frown, "Dexter had alerted Miranda about you, she knows you're a threat to her plans now." She fingered the vial of blood in her pocket for a bit, and sighed, "The only other thing I can give Dexter when I'm on my own is my own blood... It makes him permanently stronger. He wants the blood to be on the same level as a demon at this point. I know it sounds stupid but it's all I have been able to do to keep him away from me for long periods of time..."

The demon's gaze now pierced into her, now hearing the truth he exhaled deeply. "Then that means you definitely have to stay with me then." The demon then took her gently and set her in the inside pocket of his cloak. "You may have to wait before you see your camp again. I can't let you go now Rose. You know I won't now."

"Is it too much to ask you to just drop me off and forget about it?" Rose asked helplessly, "Look, the only reason I kept it a secret for so long was because I didn't want to get you involved. You have your own stuff to deal with and besides-" Rose couldn't finish her response before another sharp pain struck her, this time more forcefully than the last. A gasp escaped her throat before she finally gave in to the darkness. Her body was now as if it had frozen in time. A dark aura erupted from her body.

The Hanged Man's eyes widened as he took her from his pocket. "Rose! ROSE!" He yelled frightened. He continued to try and wake her but it wasn't enough. He then thought for a moment as he then stuck her in his mouth for safe keeping. But he quickly grew wary of his surroundings.

Dexter chuckled from his location as he watched the demon through his magic.  "Awwww the poor little thing," Dexter's voice echoed, "Well then demon, it will be up to you now." He grinned, "Since you already know the "truth" you have three choices. Two things that I want in exchange for her safety, or... You can play this the hard way and try to find something from Rose or her other survivors to break the spell." A dark purple almost black portal opened above the Hanged Man, and Rose's backpack fell from it and landed in the demon's hands. Inside it was some supplies ranging from food, weapons, a lighter, some gasoline, but most importantly, there were some magic items as well, such as an amulet and a ring, and there was a map with the location of the camp pointing at the mountains due north... Far from the desert. Rose also had a compass for safe keeping.

The Hanged Man smiled grimly then. He tilted his head up then and swallowed. He figured if he was to save Rose he had to go to the village. No matter what, he wasn't going to let that bastard take her. She was carried gently down to his stomach. Unfortunately the soupy remains of his meals still lay inside. Regardless though...that was the safest place for her at the moment. She would be fine but he would have stomach cramps from stopping the digestion. He then stuck her pack in his pocket and began to walk, following the map and compass then. It was going to be a long walk, but...anything for his dear friend.


Hours passed by as the sun rose high in the sky. Deep into the mountainous region the camp was finally spotted, surprisingly the camp was heavily guarded and everyone carried a weapon, but other than that they seemed to be doing okay. Within the camp, there were several groups that had different tasks: there was the group that dealt with protecting the camp and keeping it strong from any attacks; there was a group for gardening and a group meant for hunting. The last group dealt with medical care both physically, and mentally. Several of them spotted the Hanged Man and aimed their weapons at him without a second thought. "State your business here monster," One guard spoke up, it was easy to tell they were afraid of the Hanged Man and they weren't sure if he could be trusted, they could see he wasn't one of their monsters but it didn't hurt to be cautious.

The demon put his hands up. "I surrender. I carry something very important." He then, still with his hands up, knelt down showing he wasn't armed except his whip. But he wasn't going to use it. He kept his arms up as he got low to the ground. "Look in my coat pocket before anything else happens. Please." He seemed worried about something but other than that he seemed to be telling the truth.

The guards looked at each other and nodded as one of them approached the Hanged Man, carefully checking his pocket when the guard gasped as he pulled out Rose's bag. "Where... Did you get this?" The Guard sputtered out, "The other guards looked at each other wide-eyed before looking up pleadingly at the demon, "Do you happen to know what happened to the girl who owned it... If you even saw her that is..."

The demon's eyes grew worried then. "She was pursued by Dexter, I saved her, she is a friend of mine." His stomach then squeezed up pushing Rose through his throat as she was deposited into his mouth. He licked her off to ensure no soup remained on her. Then he opened his mouth, resting his chin on the ground sticking his tongue out, gingerly cradling poor Rose. "Something happened, but I know Dexter did this to her. I have been protecting her for a couple days now. her..." He explained clearly to them.

The guards quickly agreed as one of the guards carried Rose and her bag to her shelter while another guard led the demon into the camp close behind. One of the older women on the medical team was waiting for the Hanged Man. Making a concoction from the herbs and plants from the gardens and in the wild, making a remedy that was soaked into her skin before the Amulet from Rose's bag was placed delicately around her neck. A rush of black and purple mist escaped Rose's body and was immediately sucked into the amulet, the amulet turned to pure black before it disintegrated into ash. The old woman gave the demon a reassuring smile as she prepared another concoction. "She'll be alright dear, just give her a few minutes for her body to readjust now that the spell is gone," The old Woman said, keeping an eye on the girl as she did this. Just as the old woman said, Rose's eyes opened as she let out a weak groan, she stared in surprise as she saw the Hanged Man and one of her villagers in her line of sight.

The Hanged Man then smiled as he leaned in to give her a small kiss. "Are you alright Rose?" He asked a bit nervous. His stomach continued to gurgle away as the soup emptied further down his digestion system. But he began biting his lip as he tried to look at something else, hiding his stomach pain.

"I'm okay now... But....?" Rose wondered when the old woman stopped her. "Give him this dear, he's been through quite a bit to save your life."

"Will someone please just tell me what the hell is going on?" She asked herself bitterly. She looks at the bowl of broth in her arm and wrinkled her nose at the rancid smell. Rose held it up to the demon with an apologetic look on her face. "I honestly have no idea what's in here but it's for you," The old woman smiled watching the demon and the girl and spoke up, "It's for your stomach, hun. But it's up to you whether you want to drink it."

The demon had a questionable look on his face as he began to lap it up and began to sit there wondering what was going on. "Ummmmmmm, thank you." He thanked with a respectful tip of his hat. He looked behind himself then wondering why he was being stared at. He just sat down, after looking to see if there was nothing under him, and looked at Rose. "That bastard did something to you. He said for me to either give him what he wants or seek out your village. So I found the village. But to be honest I don't feel guess." He continued to look around, finding several people still staring. He glared at them lips pursed almost ready to snarl but he held it back.

Rose nodded in understanding, "They're not used to it, that's all," She looked down sadly after glaring at several of her own villagers to go away, "Most of them are people who lost everything to Miranda, specifically their families. After that... Well, they never go anywhere without a weapon, and they are less trusting since the deaths of their loved ones... I guess Dexter thought they were going to kill you." Rose placed a comforting hand on the Hanged Man's shoulder, "They'll get used to it, this is just the first time a giant came into the camp that hasn't come to kill them." She then gave the Hanged Man a curious look, "How do you feel? That medicine was for your stomach, specifically for cramps, I recognized the smell when I gave it to you," she then turned to the old woman, "Although how the hell she knew that is beyond me." The old woman just smiled, "I was a grandmother once, I just know these things."

The Hanged Man sighed with a heavy heart. "Rose, you know as well as I that I'm endangering your village. I don't know when that hunger will come back, and I don't know for how long I can control it. The slightest hint that I am hungry I'm going to leave...I'm sorry, but I don't want to hurt anyone here...but I just can't leave you behind." He looked at her with sadness in his eyes, almost a hint of loneliness.

Rose nodded with a smile, but grabbed her bag and placed her hand on his, "Alright, I'll stay with you for a little while longer, we probably shouldn't stay here any longer than necessary though, the sun will set in a few hours."

The demon nodded. "Alright, but I need to rest before we go please. Is there a place where I can go so I don't...hurt anyone..." He looked at the people with a worried look but his eyes seemed to do the strange trembling again and he winced in pain a bit. "I need to get away from any human scent for right now." He warned.

Rose nodded, checking to make sure all the hunters were actually in the camp before pointing at the forests at the base of the mountain, "The forest way over there should be fine, or if you're really feeling gutsy you can go to one of the long abandoned towns and cities farther north. I'd personally recommend the forest though, there's more shelter and available food and water if needed."

He nodded to her, then gave her a sly smile as he gave her a big full bodied lick. "Hheehehehhee. Now your covered in my drool. Have fun with that. I'll be in the forest if you need me Rose." He then stood up and walked out of the camp and went a little ways into the forest before plopping down on his side and began to sleep.

Rose grimaced as she wiped some of the drool from her face, "Don't worry. I live here, I'll be fine," she responded with a grin, knowing the Hanged Man was already too far away to hear her. She headed back to her shelter to prepare some food with the meat the hunters had given her, and the fruit and vegetables she stole from the gardens. "This time... I'll be prepared..." Rose vowed with a smile on her face as she packed her bag while waiting for her friend to return. Soon finding herself sleeping over the table.

The demon soon woke and began to walk back into the village, he searched a little but soon found Rose sleeping on a table. He smiled at this and then nudged her a bit, but noticing she wasn't going to wake he picked her up and began to walk off with her.

Rose winced as she stirred and opened her eyes to see they had left already. "Oh wow, that was fast..." Rose commented, looking behind them to see they had long since left the camp at this point.

He smiled, and gently set her on his shoulder. "Yeah, I wanted to get away from your village because I was getting very hungry." He then continued to look on at where he was going, trying to recall where he was going, but mainly at this point he was just following his nose.

Rose was happy that she at least had her bag with her this time, but she frowned realizing that this might take longer than expected. "Isn't there anything you can do to hold it off until we actually make it back to the desert? It's pretty far away.... Is there anything? A spare town you could use? I can't tell you how much I've seen between here and the desert because I was underground most of the way."

He smiled, "...maybe, it depends. But I can't guarantee any hitchhikers along the way will make it to their destination." He continued to walk until he made it to the next town. The demon crouched low as he sniffed and looked around. "What do you think of this place Rose?" He asked, making sure.

Rose scanned the town carefully with a frown.  "I guess it would be okay? She said with a wondering tone in her voice, "I actually haven't been to this town before, but I definitely see some women in the town if that's what you're looking for," She looked behind the demon to find a huge log that had fallen over, to her luck it had a hole in it that she could hide in. "... And I think I just found my hiding spot. I don't exactly want a repeat of what happened last time."

He smiled then and licked his lips as he began to take off his jacket and hat. He then lowered himself down on all fours as he began to side wind around them. His eyes clouded over with the secondary lens again as he began to growl again like before. He came around the side of a dilapidated bridge then and cut them off. It only took a second for him to be on top of the small scavenging group. He immediately seized one and put the upper half of her in his mouth, but instead of putting all of her in his mouth, his hand gripped tighter and he pulled her apart, chewing for a few seconds then swallowed and then threw the rest in his mouth as he swallowed, jumping in front of the females.

Making sure to stay completely still this time, Rose had taken her earplugs to drown out most of the screaming and the death happening outside to avoid any movement out of fear. The only problem with her hiding spot now was that she would have to wait until the Hanged Man actually finished and found her before she could move again, unlike last time she couldn't really see much of the destruction outside without risk of her friend seeing her in his current state of mind. She instead tried to fall asleep again while waiting for the demon to finish.

After swallowing down the last female he yawned and walked over to his hat and cloak again his eyes returning to normal again as he laid down by the log. "Your alright now Rose." He then set his hat down over his head as he covered himself up with the cloak like a blanket.

Rose peeked out of her hiding spot, taking the earplugs out of her ears and stuffing them in her pocket. She looked over the log with a smile at the demon before lying on top of the log and decided to watch the Hanged Man until she would fall back to sleep.

Rose & Dexter © :iconrosethorn1483:
The Hanged Man © :iconsafirecreations:
Art © :iconsafirecreations: and SafireCreations
RP/Story © :iconrosethorn1483: & :iconsafirecreations:

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