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My Bio

| She/He | Demisexual | Engaged |

I'm just some demonic gremlin that loves demons, monsters, teeth, food and friends.

| I do both normal and vore art. | SFW / GT /

Animations, Illustrations, Concept Art, Character Art, and Graphic Novels.

Favourite Visual Artist
I have several.
Favourite Movies
Treasure Planet, IT, The Shining, The Mummy, etc.
Favourite TV Shows
Castlevania, Food Wars, Overlord, Dororo, etc.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Volbeat, Five Finger Death Punch, Godsmack, In This moment, Disturbed, Nothing More, ect. (I like a LOT of music)
Favourite Books
Skullduggery Pleasent Series, Morpheus Road Series, ect.
Favourite Games
Dead Space, Monster Hunter, Doom 3, Devil May Cry, Don't Starve, ect.
Favourite Gaming Platform
XBox One, PC, XBox 360, XBox
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop CS5, Paint Tool Sai, Soney Vegas Pro, Wacom Intuos Pro Medium, ect.
Okay since I am kinda coming back here I wanna make things very clear about what my boundaries are now since my likes & dislikes have changed since I was away. So here they are: Things I am NOT okay with: *Foot Fetish/Foot Worship* ------Yeah if anyone favs my work under any folders deemed to be fetish or has that content in it- yeah thats a quick way for me to get squicked out and block you. I don't like that and it's a MAJOR insult to me if you do that. (Yeah this makes me physically WRETCH so don't force it on me or view my work as such.) *CV/Co&k Vore* ------Yea same thing as above, it just makes me uncomfortable. But I have had less issues with this one as opposed to the damn foot fetish shit. *Comparing/Theft/Reposting/Tracing* ------Yeah still no shit I don't like/condone this. And I don't find it flattering when someone akin's my work to something else. So just don't do it or you'll find yourself on my bad side asap and on my block list. You steal, trace, or repost my work
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I'm Back?

2 min read
Yeah Buzzly Art was a bust and a shitshow? So tbh I am just gonna hang here regardless. I do wanna start to post more here but we shall see? Idk I'm not sure what I wanna do here yet but maybe just in general posting here. I know for sure I am gonna upload more public pieces, only some, I am mostly active on my Twitter if y'all wanna follow me there: SFW Twitter: https://twitter.com/AriaYager NSFW Twitter: https://twitter.com/DemonicFreakish But ultimately I am the most active in my Discord & my Patreon. You can only access my Discord server through my Patreon now though. I don't have any promos going on at the moment. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DemonicFreak But yes I do plan to make more posts here but limited for now as I am still getting used to this new layout. Also I won't be checking this place everyday bc it isn't a high priority on my social media list to check? There are only a few that I ever really check. But yeah if you wanna follow me on places I am a LOT more
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Hey, hey guys! I'm over on BuzzlyArt now! It's a new art website like DA but even better! Like a mix between the new DA and the old DA. You can customize your profile to anything you wish! Join me over there, check out my profile, and give me a watch! I'll be posting pieces there that I won't be posting here. 👏👏👏So if you haven't yet, join me on Buzzly! 👏👏👏 https://buzzly.art/~DemonicFreak
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Thank you!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Happy Birthday! Have a good one :)
Have you interesting of Adopt Trade?

Came here from junkies Twitter. I'm a fan of the sprites. And you're animations are absolutely gorgeous. I'm currently trying to make animation sprites aswell aswell as other animations.

Yee thank you! I appreciate the love!
I wish you best of luck on those! Animation is fun but also can be tricky! But it is very rewarding!
So go for it! <3