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Is it bad to draw for attention? (I just saw a lot of people shaming artist for that and idk I'm interested in your opinion) 

21 deviants said While I think it can be a good motivator, I don't think it should be your only reason to draw. but it's not bad
19 deviants said If you do art for a living you sorta need the attention to survive and that's nothing to be shamed for!
16 deviants said I think everyone wants a little attention but it's important not to get to hung up on the numbers
7 deviants said well I don't think it's the best motivator, but if it works for you I don't really mind
6 deviants said I don't really care, if others draw just for fame as long as they don't produce shit products because of it
5 deviants said yeah it's bad cause you should draw just for yourself and you're making yourself depended on others if you draw for attention
4 deviants said Why should it be bad to draw for attention, at the very least they are drawing something (looking at you fira)
2 deviants said yeah it's bad cause your art should have meaning and purpose and no matter if people see it or not, so you shouldn't do it for fame
2 deviants said It's a great motivator so why shouldn't you use it to draw as much as possible




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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi, I'm Christine Fröhlich 19 years old and I draw stuff like fanart & Demon stuff :3

Check out my other social medias:

Facebook:…<br /

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Anyone wanna guess which of these netflix accounts is mine?

embedded_item1534540144634 by SafirasArt
SafirasArt Eggplant Costume by GigglyApple

I hope this makes you uncomfortable by SafirasArt SafirasArt Eggplant Costume by GigglyApple I hope this makes you uncomfortable by SafirasArt SafirasArt Eggplant Costume by GigglyApple I hope this makes you uncomfortable by SafirasArt

You ever wondered what a naked bear looks like? NO? Well it's too late for that now :3

embedded_item1534451643345 by SafirasArt
Do you know that feeling when you take on too many project at once and you just... loose all your motivation to do any of them?

Like I might've taken too many requests. every friend and family member can have 1 drawing for free, after that I charge them, and they just decided to come all at once and then there were the dnd drawings, which were my idea but it's still... it was/ is like a job to do? And then I wanna draw fanart but I have shit to so like the comic and certain requests and I also wanna draw ANYDRAWING WITH MY OWN CHARAS AGAIN AND ahhhhhh I haven't uploaded anything in over a week now ...
Why am I so unproductive now that I should have so much to do??
Most productive day ever:
I was sleeping almost the whole day and when i wasn't sleeping I was contemplaining whether I should sleep some more or draw... Most of the time it ended in watching YouTube dnd videos in bed till I feel asleep again....

Idk what's going on I just feel so ... I'm too tired to think of a good word... something like dead ...but like not in a depressed way ???
SOooo I might've gotten tagged quite a lot lately xD 

First tag by :iconautisticartistmartin:

  1. You have to post ALL the rules.
  2. Answer 12 questions you have been asked and then create 12 questions for people you want to tag.
  3. Choose 12 people.
  4. Actually tag these people.
  5. Can't say you don't do tags.
  6. Tag backs are allowed

1. Do you think that breakfast should start with meals 
with eggs?

2. If you had a chance to ask an artist (one you mostly admire so much) something, what would it be?
I'd probably ask for tips how I can improve? idk.. I wouldn't want to bother them :D

3. Do you draw because it's fun, a passion, or for attention?
A mix of all of these? I mean ... fun probably the least? it's not like drawing is super fun, like.. roller coasters are fun, drawing is ... calmer. it's nice and I need it to just space out and do it for 8 hours without break, but I don't really have "fun" while doing it??? is that weird??  but yeah it's definitely my passion and everyone like a little attention on their artworks ^^

4. What genre of anime do you love? (honestly) give the show name (optional).
well I don't watch much anime no a days ^^° .. but I guess I like drama? shows like violet evergarden, a silent voice and anohana which bring me to tears ever time are freaking great! but I also like fun shonen stuff like soul eater, my hero academia and stuff... Inuyasha was also freaking great but I'm not sure which genre that is :D

5. Do you like studying?
depends? studying for school: NOPE!
studying something I'm interested in cause I just suddenly wanna know more about it like history or art stuff: HECK YE

6. If you were a professional artist, would you allow your works to be part of a museum? Or keep it?
I mean .. yeah sure I'd be freaking thrilled to find my stuff in a museum.. but it would look a little bit ridiculous ^^° I don't think my cartoony stuff would fit in there very well :D especially cause german museums are freaking fancy ( I was never in a not german museum so I don't know if museums everywhere are like that.. I mean yeah probably.... idk :D

7. Do you think video games are beneficial to the human brain?
no? I mean I don't think they are bad for you, but I kinda doubt they are especially good for you either?

8. What do you want to improve in your artstyle?
hands and backgrounds... also perspective
9. Do you use a lot of references for your works?
I gotta use more, but I'm always so bad at looking them uuuup... so no not really ^^°

10. Would you like 10 miniature sized pizzas or 2 big pizzas?
10 mini pizzas... just cause I wouldn't be able to finish 2 big once in one go and it's harder to store them in the frigide for another time... they use up more spaaace

11. If you were able to be famous, what would your name be?
.. still Safira? I mean my real name is Christine Fröhlich and NO ONE would be able to pronounce it correctly :D the germans would mess up the "christine" part and every other country the "fröhlich" but I think Safira should be pretty pronounceable everywhere :D

12. If you were to be a teacher in a school, would you be strict or chill?
a good mix of both :D I like to be chill most of the times, but I think as a teacher it's important to know when to be strict as well 


Second Tag by :iconstrikeyoko: 


  1. You have to post the Rules. 
  2. Answer the Questions and make 12 New ones. 
  3. Choose 12 People. 
  4. Tag those people. 
  5. Tags Back are allowed. 

1. What do you think of tags?
I actually really like them... but there are so many sometimes and it's really time consuming coming up with new questions all the time  xD

2. What's the last game you played?
you gonna be proud of me :D it was undertale :D

3. "Prepare for trouble!"
and make it double  :D

4. Heat or cold?
cold! you can always warm up if you're cold but it's nearly impossible to cool down if it's too hot!

5. Describe your favourite anime as short and worst as possible.
AHH i don't have a favorite right nooow aaaah... ehm
 people play hide and seek with white haired loligirl and cry a lot 

6.  Who is your biggest inspiration?
Idk ... I don't really have that I think ^^ I just admire everyone who did something amazing?? IDKKKKK

7.  Have you ever played CAH (Cards against humanity)?
yeah I played a gravity falls version that got pretty weird :D it was funny :D

8.  What is the weirdest quirk you have? >w>
I don't think I'm interesting enough to have a weird quirk ^^°

9. Do you like aubergines?
tastewise: eeeeh.. sometimes
Eggplant by raidragonairkawaii eggplant emoji [F2U] by kokoteaCan't Forget the Flying Eggplant by ShrubbyNerbcute eggplant. by Chaotic-WhispersEggplant Emoji Eggplant Eggplant bounce improved Eggplantbounce 

10.  What is your personal trademark?
I don't really know ^^°

11. Do you believe in horoscopes?
not reallyyyyy but I do like reading through it and getting all hung up on it ^^° idk I think horoscopes are fun :D
 Taurus by SafirasArtTaurus by SafirasArtTaurus by SafirasArt

12. Your favourite Pokemon?
 LUXRAY!!!! it was my first lv.100 and I loved him and he was the best AND THEN MY STUPID BROTHER DELETED MY ACCOUNT SO HE COULD START A NEW GAME AND FUUUUCK
I still love my baby boi Q-Q 
#405 Luxray #405 Luxray pokemon gif Luxray pokemon gif Luxray Luxray Luxray  


Third Tag by :iconliphoeryx:

  1. Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer.)
  2. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
  3. Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged.
  4. Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this".
  5. It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
  6. Tag backs are allowed.
  7. If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you.

 I didn't do the tag in a week so I guess you have a wish? I'm okay with anything but a drawing ^^° i really don't have the time for that right now sorry ^^°

1. Describe your perfect pizza.
Cheese... just a lot of cheese.. different kinds of cheese! I love cheese on pizza

2. If given the opportunity, would you go to the Moon?
if there was a ticked back home included: HELL YEAH!!! of course! I wanna see space I wanna go to the moon I wanna see the earth from space and ah! yes of course!

3. Tuna or Salmon?
both are good ^^

4. What would you want your last words to be?

5. Tell me something about your childhood.
it was an amazing Childhood! we grew up near a forest with an old castle ruin. My brothers and I would build camps up there and pretend to be all kinds of adventurers. There also was this old house next to the castle walls. you were able to onto the houses lawn from just... well going in from the front, but it was a lot more fun to climb onto the castle walls (which you had to do by climbing a lamp and a road sign first and using them as some sort of ladder) and just walking into the garden that way. it was the freaking best. ... but after we broke a window of the house by accident someone put up a fence and even though we would still be able to go in via our wall ways, our parents didn't allow it anymore ^^°

6. Your thoughts on lucid dreams? If any?
freaking awesome! I love those kinds of dreams but I don't get them often ^^°

7. What's the best advice you've ever received?
I can't really remember ^^°

8. Are there any languages you'd like to learn?
EEEHHH I'm pretty lazy when it comes to actually learning stuff... I mean I'd love to know all the languages, cause it's just cool to know stuff, but I don't have the motivation to actually learn them ^^°

9. What's your favourite thing about your favourite season?
autumn: THE COLOOORS and the smell, rain wind sunshine aAHHHHHHHHHH i just love autumn!!!!

10. Are there any weird food combinations you like? idk... I like pretzels with nutella? but that's probably not weird... idk ^^° 

11. What's your favourite ice cream flavour?
STRAWBERRY OR VANILLA ... I am a simple girl! I like everything that isn't chocolate

12. Pick an object close to you. Whatever, it doesn't matter what it is, a fan, a wall, a door, a chair, I don't care. Now, go on a long, angry rant about that object. Be creative! 8)

embedded_item1532549740310 by SafirasArt
Okay so harold, my FUCKING fan, okay? He is the freaking worst! I mean the last fan literally fell apart but at the very least it did it's job! HAROLD you are just a waste of space! I needed you like what? three times since I got you? fuck you harold! you just stand there with your weird ass smile looking at me like you are the king of the world, fuck you! I wish mom never bought you! you useless piece of shit!

( I was just kidding Q_Q I love you boi) 

13.The equation 24x2+25x−47ax−2=−8x−3−53ax−2 is true for all values of x≠2a, where a is a constant. What is the value of a?

A) -16
B) -3
C) 3
D) 16

okay I sat on this shit way to long, I am in my holidays and this is stupid! fuck math 
all my answers said fucking -13,66666666666666666
and I hate my life... thank you .... thank you very much for fucking math! I bet the answer is super easy but I just can't! the language barrier is shit and confusing and it's too early.. Imma just guess a solution and say -3
fuck it bye :/


AHHHHHHHHHH I can't think of more questions right now or people to tag soo.. yeah sorry.
if anyone wanna do this, here are more than enough questions for everybody to be happy ... yaaaay ... end me 


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