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I know why they make us smile :iconaumnren:Aumnren 8 17
city night by molybdenumgp03 city night :iconmolybdenumgp03:molybdenumgp03 5,916 272
Double Edged Sword 1.1.2
"AutoMine's keep our sons and daughters safe overseas. Be it by protecting our interests in sovereign nations, or keeping the peace in lawless territories under social reconstruction, an AutoMine deprives a terrorist of a body to mutilate and a family to terrorise. What it does not deprive them of is a chance to die for their 'cause'. This is something that Grumman Auto Defence Systems happily ships at no extra charge to the taxpaying public."
Nathan Paxton, CEO of Grumman Automated Defence Systems, New York Freedom Tower Expo 2019.

Technical Specialist William Fettle hated the late shift in the Morgue. He hated the buzzing florescent lights. He hated the scent of gun oil and dried sweat. He hated the dripping sound that came from somewhere that was not accessible by man, beast, or bot. But most of all he hated the coffee, which he strongly suspected was some sort of practical joke being played by the wrench monkeys down at the motor pool.
"This has gotta be engine
:iconjake-sjet:Jake-Sjet 1 13
Tao, Ch 1: Tao
Saturday, October 25, 2008
The screech of sibling rivalry and teen angst pierced the opulent Manhattan apartment.  Barely past six, the sun hadn't even tossed aside the blanket of night to drive cold winter clouds from the sky, and already the TV crawled with gun-toting mercenaries hell-bent on killing Nicolette Tao — and suffering for their efforts.  The sudden sisterly squall on the couch granted them a momentary reprieve, and with pixel perfect coordination, the unit broke cover and painted the screen red.
-Game Over-
With her purple-streaked hair bound up in her older sister's hand, Nicolette didn't even notice the loss of a half hour's cautious advance through the shooter.  "MooOOoom!" she squealed, writhing to free dyed hair from painful inspection.
"Mmf.  Stop squirming.  What did you do to your hair?!"
"Let go of me!"  Nicolette answered the claws tangled into her hair with a fist. &
:iconiceofwolf:iceofwolf 12 21
Eyes of the Seer - Prologue
I spent the final days of my life alone, even though I did not know I was dying. Around me, the world seemed to be shifting. A cloud of darkness shrouded what had once been an ordinary existence and ripped from me everything I had known. For long hours, I would stand at work and stare at the people who passed me by as though attempting to figure out what changed and when. Little did I know what waited for me around the corner.
Granted, the final days leading up to the earliest hours of January 20, 1983 are somewhat of a blur to me. It might have been the enchantment I was under, or the haze of realizing I lived on borrowed time without knowing how I could be certain of such a thing. I could not tell you what those final nights were like, or if anybody could sense the fact that I was fading in the background, about to cross paths with destiny. About to slip from one skin to another. I only know that night, it all reached a crescendo and set me on the path I find myself today.
I have liv
:iconwriterofstuff:WriterOfStuff 25 52
Chrysalis Corperation
Damion was eating in the mess bullshitting with the other pilots who had just arrived here on the biggest ship in the entire fleet. The room was noisy and all the voices echoed off the shiny steel walls. Sammy and Dulton were the senior pilots at the table. They were there to get a bead on the rookies. He didn't care because the more he listened to all the bullshit flying around the more he was able to shift through it and pick out what was real and what was not truth.
What had he picked up on? Whoever the Core named 47 was they seemed to like killing their pilots. Damion hoped he never came across his way.
He was here. He was finally here. After years of waiting, years of being forced to take on, and therefore kill, the Fighters that were not for him, the one he wanted was here. Generally within the Chrysalis Corp, Core's picked their Fighters. It just worked out better that way. But in 47's case, he wasn't picking. When he should have picked a Fighter years ago, he had held off, tell
:icon29hogtied-muses:29hogtied-muses 20 21
Misadventures of a Space Cptn
Intergalactic travel is a touchy subject.  Many consider it difficult to fathom, the distances that must be traversed.  The light year, for example.  The light year, the distance which light travels in the course of a standard earth year, is equivalent to approximately nine and a half trillion kilometres.  The average distance between stars within the Milky Way galaxy is approximately four light years, to give a sense of proportion.  The standard unit of measurement for intergalactic travel, as adopted by a number of galaxies, is the parsec, which is the equivalent to 3.262 light years.
So, to simplify, the distance between stars is immense, and how to get from one to the other has puzzled scientists for decades.  Wormholes have been suggested.  Warp speed has been bandied about, too.  Much has been considered but very little solved.
Very little, that is, until the development of the Relativity Drive. 
:iconvaldrin:Valdrin 1 4
rainy day by ELFTUG rainy day :iconelftug:ELFTUG 1,639 200 Safia Commission by StriderDen Safia Commission :iconstriderden:StriderDen 29 19
2011 Chapter One
My friend Kris was hell bent on going out his way. He didn't care if it was alcohol or smoking or jumping off the Flannery bridge. He said if push came to shove, he'd invest in a .41 Smith and Wesson Magnum and be classy about it, at least. Rather that than the zombies. Or the aliens. Or the war machine. We'd more or less established that it wasn't any of those things. I don't know exactly what it was-- I was a register jockey, not a rocket scientist-- but it was this or that sort of natural-esque cause. In layman's terms, Earth was just pissed at us. If I had to deal with seven billion humans crawling in my every pore I'd be ready to self-destruct, too. But Kris was mad about not having a choice.
"It didn't ask me, you know? Whether I wanted to die. And don't tell me it's my time. Maybe it is my time, or a handful of our times, but it's not all our times. And I don't really believe that anyway. Because if it wasn't for Earth goin to hell and all, I'd be perfectly
:iconversailles6:versailles6 17 57
071210 by torei 071210 :icontorei:torei 329 29 Deus Ex 3 office by Gryphart Deus Ex 3 office :icongryphart:Gryphart 3,368 191



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