Let's go camping

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Ok everyone,  I know it's been ages since I've actually updated this, so here's a few  pieces of news.

1) I'm still in Spain though I only have 3 weeks of my contract left, in 4 weeks (the  30th of June,) I finish work and go travelling around Spain for two weeks then go to visit friends in England and finally return to Switzerland.

2)  I'm feeling lots better  than  in December. I still love teaching and hate my current boss, but whatever.

3) I'm going to be an auntie :D  This is totally  totally awesome

4) I'm gonna do  camp nano.  I'm a fool to try it in June and fully expect to fail  bcause  of  tme issues, but hell getting something written will be better than nothing.

On which note  see the poll :D
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tweedandteaStudent Digital Artist
1). That sounds awesome! Travelling, seeing friends, etc.
2). Even more awesome. :)
3). Aw, congrats to your family!
4). Definitely a fan of the 'getting something written is better than nothing.'
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SaffyLailoHobbyist Traditional Artist
It is going to be SO awesome, 3 weeks t go, three weeks...but three weeks of reports and test etc bah)
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tweedandteaStudent Digital Artist
Those three weeks will fly, though!
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SkysongMAStudent Writer
Babies are good.

And that is a good attitude. (Besides, failing at NaNo is kind of an oxymoron. It's kind of like making cookies and then eating the batter. You didn't get to the end point you wanted, but it was still a good time.)
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SaffyLailoHobbyist Traditional Artist
hehe true!