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Team Moya Survives Again

Ok so there was some recent drama on a board I play at [link] . I reckon that now it's happened the board is going to be a better place and I hope that we get new players, but it was pretty trying there for a bit . However a bunch of new friends from the board made the whole thing more bearable, and they're all Farscape fans, so I put this up for them. You all know who you are :D
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Ahhh. :heart: Jim Henson's sci-fi. It's been entirely too long since I heard or saw anything with the Leviathan's dimension hopping mind twisting galaxy searching gang of scallywags misfits and lovable convicts. I loved that show.

I'm not on the board, but thankee anyway.
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You are most welcome, I glad it gave someone some joy! :D